Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Sun

We are approaching the best time of the year – SPRING! Even though we might get another snow shower or two, all snow is gone for now. Days are bright and sunny and once in a while we see a US car license from somewhere farther south.
The sun is tempting us to walk out into nature and we do a walk through the forest. Lake Glensevern is free of ice, possibly due to a little salt in the water after the last storm.
1-DSC_0968         A little ice left in a shady spot
1-DSC_0981           A quiet brook winding through mossy grounds

The trail is mostly dry, Molly enjoys to sniff up familiar and unfamiliar smells along the trail. The birch trees are shedding their outer layer of bark and like fur on a deer it hangs from the trees. I have a plastic bag and gather birch bark. I use it to start my morning fires in the stove.
Birch bark burns like gas and produces a lot of heat. It never fails.
We come to an intersection. From here to the left it isn’t far to Gibraltar Rock. No monkeys there so we are heading straight on. We are on the original carriage trail which led the Roosevelts and other summer residents to the lake and via a long-gone bridge across the lake to the ocean beach.

1-DSC_1002        Historic carriage trail to the beach

The trail has deep ruts. Are they from the carriages? I am not sure, but this is historic ground on Campobello.
My plastic bag is filling quickly. There is much more bark than we can get with us today. What a wonderful natural forest.

Take a little trip to the beach and have a look at how the last storm surge changed the sand deposits.
1-DSC_10041-DSC_10061-DSC_1007        Herring Cove
On our way home we drop by the grocer and Bea gets some chocolate cookies for coffee.
At home we meet “Gracie” behind the door. Gracie is with us again as her owners are on a few days trip south. We couldn’t take Gracie on this walk. It would have been too long for her and the terrain is too rough. Also she might have gotten cold. Her 16 years of age makes her a grand old dog lady.
Love those sunny pre-spring days!

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