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Thursday, March 31, 2016

From March To April

With April-Fools-Day right around the corner we are closing another month of this past winter. March, the month of the beginning of spring, has been a disappointment.

Weather wise.

Our days have been marked with rain, some snow and generally grey skies.
1-DSC_1302Yesterday was one of the few  exceptions this month, as we finally had a deep blue sky even though the wind was very cold. Our brave attempt to have coffee outside was short-lived. But at least I could get myself out of the couch and putter around the property, cutting some more firewood, stacking firewood on our porch and fixing the doorstep into our bathroom, where the lino had started to roll up. A home owner should always find something to get busy with.
Bea kept busy with preparing all her little vegetable seedlings for growing up to edible produce.
Btw. have you noticed that store-bought vegetables
are now so expensive that you consider to start playing the lottery for being able to pay for them? No kidding, cauliflower is around 5-6 Dollars a head. We haven’t been eating cauliflower in a long time. Eggs are cheap though, US$1.49 for 12 big eggs isn’t too shabby.
1-DSC_1299But with Easter gone, the egg-eating contest is over. And as eggs are cheap, chicken is following after with US$0.99/pound for a grain-fed big bird. Canadian Beef is coming down from sky-high to reasonable, so no,we are not starving at the home ranch.


  1. It is nice that you can have your own garden there for fresh veggies, prices just keep going up more than down.

  2. You make me want to grow our own veggies again.... but we do have a wonderful farmer's market here that sells organically grown veggies at a reasonable price. Your colored eggs are lovely!

  3. Those are beautifully dyed eggs. ...Now I'm hungry!


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