Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Parlez Vous Francais Monsieur?

Well, luckily they also speak English in the city of MONTREAL, for my French wouldn’t hold up in the Province of Quebec. But street signs are in French and one better hopes that the GARMIN GPS will understand all what’s written on the directional signs. And it did today. I did not get lost when I drove 2 people from Campobello to Montreal today.
After passing Bangor, ME we went along country roads heading straight for the US-Quebec border. The border station was of the tiny kind but then the roads were often narrow as well with very little traffic. The old roads made us bucking along like we were riding an old gump in a Rodeo.
Approaching the big city we got on Auto Rte 10 which got us right smack into the city. Lots of traffic and like always in big cities crazy drivers everywhere.
We got Hotel parking behind the building but almost got a ticket when being out front. Those parking guys are sure patrolling this city on a tight schedule. But the hotel receptionists intervened and saved us from the wrath of Montreal Parking authority. How much fantasy does it take for  a parking attendant to figure that a 15-passenger van parked out front of a hotel has been unloading its cargo???

Anyway after getting all the stuff stored into our rooms I was tired. But I was also hungry. My room has a little kitchen, so with that in mind I went to see whether I could make out a food market in the vicinity.

And OMG did I ever find a food market. And it was just the next street over. But THAT story I want to save until tomorrow when I have taken pictures inside the market for you all to see. All I will say now is: I have never seen anything like it.

So tune in again tomorrow or the day after.

I’m done.


  1. I prefer country roads to big cities, but then again, I would really like to visit Montreal again. Have not been there since the mid 70's:(

  2. I can't even imagine driving into Montreal. However, if I had a chauffeur it might be okay.

  3. There was a time we thought about going to Montreal but we always found someplace else that won out. Now I much prefer staying away from all the big cities too. Love the local markets. Sounds like you found a gem.

  4. Have been to Montreal many years ago (couple times). Been there and done that, big cities do not do it for me anymore.
    Have fun there though as I am sure you will.


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