Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When Campers Were Small And Cute

If you have been around for a while you will probably remember the camper trailers of your youth. Campers in the fifties and sixties were small and cute. They were also very colourful, some had even “wings” and they were towed by regular cars, Fords, Chevys, Studebakers and many others, most of them not around anymore. Fancy SUVs had not yet been invented and pickup trucks were work trucks and not commonly used for private vacation outings. I get totally excited whenever I see a surviver camper of those days, and there are actually companies around which restore old vintage trailers to their early glory. Even in a non-restored state they are not cheap. Many have a dream of owning one and since they are light-weight they still can be towed by regular cars. 

So far so good. It has remained one of my dreams to own one and put it behind our 1972 Ford LTD.

One day I was perusing the book of faces, when I discovered a beautifully painted water colour image of an artist in Saint Andrews By-the-sea, New Brunswick. Her name is Simone Ritter and she and her husband Markus are from Germany. While Markus is running his own renovated EUROPA INN & RESTAURANT, Simone is an accomplished artist, which doesn’t mean that Markus is not an artist. It is just that his art can be eaten. If Markus is not in the reception area it is because he is busy in the kitchen preparing world-class dishes brought to perfection with European Taste and refinement.
Simone-Ritter-Now, Simone Ritter, has developed a faible for small cute campers, and YES, she owns one too.

It inspired her to start painting many of these old trailer models and make an entire series of it. They are finished in water colour and make very nice gifts for RVers. Simone has already sold many originals and also had a sale of calendars. You can find details on her blog and her website.
1955-Nomad-and-1963-Shasta-Airflyte 1968-Serro-Scotty-Wildflower_Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_watercolour5x71973-Bell-Circle-G-Bunkhouse- 10534624_10153422331937758_8459306852362118149_n10556267_10153549430387758_2523736918633180440_n 12391899_10153504753297758_1889908440362215629_n
When I spoke to her last week she agreed to me putting her trailer paintings on the American-Traveler blog. Apparently, she has painted a hundred of them. I will post more of her trailer cuties from time to time. Every trailer has a description with model name and year. If you would like to order an original, calendar or prints you can contact me and I will bring your inquiry on to Simone or you can contact her through her website.


  1. Aww, the good old days:) I am afraid they are unlikely to return in any big way:(

  2. Now they're building new small, cute campers that look like the old ones. However, they're certainly not as cheap as they used to be.

  3. Lots of cool Replicas of the old trailers here in Quartzsite this year.


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