Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Very Cold Day Ending With Walking Down Memory Lane

Our entry door was frozen this morning and I realized that this was going to be one of the coldest days so far this winter. When I let Molly go outside a storm cast narrowly ripped the door out of my hand. Minus 10C (14F) and a strong wind blowing right onto the house did not promise any good. I hurried down into the basement to get firewood ready for the oven. This had to be done fast or else we would have an unpleasant start in the day. Pretty soon I had a roaring fire going and I mean ROARING! 
The kitchen wasn’t cold though as our electric oil heaters had kept up the temperature there.

This was not a day to spend any extended time outside. When I had briefly gone outside with Molly I felt my face hurting and had to hold my scarf to my face. Frostbite was likely to incur if any extended time was spent outside without skin protection.

So we have been doodling away the day by computing, and preparing food.
After supper I hauled down my slides projector and boxes of old slides. The pictures below are all taken off the slides, so the quality is not going to be the best.
It was walking down memory lane as many pictures showed our journeys prior to settling in Canada.
1-DSC_0441                           Bea and Mom with our rented motor home
In 2000 we rented a motor home and went on a round trip starting and ending in Denver,CO, It brought us over to Moab Utah, from there to Glen Canyon and on to the Grand Canyon.
1-DSC_0437 1-DSC_0439 1-DSC_0445
1-DSC_0443 1-DSC_0446
1-DSC_0447Underway we stopped at Mexican Hat and the Goose Neck and visited Monument Valley. We visited at Sedona and Jerome, went over to Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, got to Albuquerque and Santa Fe before we got back to Denver.
1-DSC_0440 1-DSC_0444
1-DSC_0454 1-DSC_0456
                                  Painted Desert and Petrified Forest
We also did a quick visit to Colby,KS where we said hello to long-lost relatives of the Harwerth family. It became one of the best journeys we have ever done and it was the first time ever that my mom got to travel in the States.
She has been gone for 4 years now and we still miss her, but are glad that we took her over to the American Land of Natural Wonders – our beloved South-West.

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  1. Nice to have those irreplaceable memories of your Mother preserved in photos. Our mind's memories may change & let us down in time but photos will be around as long as we are to always acurately remember that which our minds have perhaps already forgot.


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