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Thursday, January 7, 2016

January --- REALLY?

Be prepared. You will see some snow in the following pictures, but it’ll give you the wrong idea. I mean you’ll think it’s beastly cold here.
But it is not. Indeed, I am thinking more like end-of-March or even early April. The sun was soo bright and warming that I broke out a sweat just by walking. And what a walk it was. Heading out to
“Cranberry Point” definitely was the right idea.
We just regretted that we didn’t bring coffee and cookies with us. The park benches were just too inviting.
The crystal-clear air was so nice and really let us see all the details of the town of Lubec just across the  channel. Molly had a great time too as she was busy sniffing up all the great stuff along the trail. Nobody else was in the Roosevelt Park, so we had it all to ourselves.
Even though we do miss being with our friends in the desert, we feel so blessed to live in this most wonderful spot of Canada.
1-DSC_0285 1-DSC_0318
And if this year’s winter is continuing the way it’s been going so far, you will not hear any complaint from us.
Yesterday I have asked George (Our Awesome Travels) who is currently at the Holt Springs LTVA for a favour. Maybe you want to check out his blog posting of January 07 to see what this is about.
Thanks for stopping by again!


  1. Its a bit cooler here this year, but we don't mind at all. And you are having great weather there, hope it keeps up for you.
    Ron and Betty are such a supper couple, was great to meet them.

    1. Thanks George for finding our friends Ron and Betty. I know they would have loved us coming down. So it was good to see their picture and know they are OK.

  2. You won't hear me complaing either! Since i read George's blog, as well as Al's, i begin to think I'm friends with a whole group of Canadian RVers. A world of blog connections!


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