Friday, January 8, 2016

Another Sunny Day In Our Lives And A Story About A Mouse

The few clouds in the south-west disappeared quickly and the sun broke out warming up the day, so I reached a decision to go over to a neighbour to repair her downspout which had broken off the gutter.
1-DSC_0892           Evelyn’s house this summer
Evelyn owns the oldest house on Campobello Island, and it is from the late 1700s. The original house was considerably smaller and had been moved in one piece to its current location. 
1-DSC_0345 1-DSC_0350
1-DSC_0351The gutter in question is made of wood, and screws had  loosened so finally the pipe had fallen off. Today, I used carriage bolts with nuts to hold the downspout in place. Bea and Molly came by and while Molly had to check out the property, the rest of us got busy with the repair work.
1-DSC_0343                                Another glorious day on Campobello
After the downspout got back in place we were invited for tea inside. I just love this island life. People still have time for a chat around the table and that was how we learned the story of the mouse in the syrup. Yes, once Evelyn had started to make a few goodies, and a container with syrup and a spoon in it had been left open on the counter. When Evelyn came back the next day,  she saw a mouse stuck in syrup along the length of the spoon. The mouse had tried to escape the sticky syrup by climbing up the spoon but couldn’t make it. She was stuck and still alive, its desperate button eyes looking up at Evelyn. Well, the entire container with syrup, spoon and the mouse ended up outside. Next day the mouse was gone.

What a story!

So good to take a nap after a busy day!


  1. Another mouse story; My mother was preparing for a ladies bible study when she saw a mouse. Diligent searching did not locate the mouse, much to mom's disappointment. Later while removing couch cushions for thorough cleaning she found the dead mouse. It had been crushed and suffocated when the ladies sat there!

  2. Looks like you've got some really niceweather!


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