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Monday, January 11, 2016

He Lived Only A Few Hours And We Lost All Power

1-DSC_0364I am saddened to tell you that our lazy, drinking employee lived only a few hours. During the afternoon hours a sudden rain storm brought rapidly rising temperatures and true to the nature of his body he melted.

Or did he simply run away? What happened to Frosty the Snowman? See you next year Buddy…?

Well what ever happened with Frosty, the storm increaed in force and brought 60mph storm casts. At 10:30pm we went to bed. I didn’t have to switch off the light….it went out by itself. The storm had knocked out our power. It was pitch dark, storm casts were howling around the house. I crept under the covers and hoped come morning that we would still have a roof on our house.

Well, the roof is still there today, but the power is out. That meant that I had to use a flashlight to get downstairs and start the fire in our oven. What are those people doing who bought pellet stoves? Their stoves are dependent on power to get the pellets into the burner.
Then I searched for candles. Found a few and lighted them. Next was preparing our coffee.
With no power for the coffeemaker I hauled our little propane stove out of the shed. and rigged it up in our kitchen. Coffee water was boiling 5 minutes later. Now it was like in the old days, pouring hot water through the percolator.
A look out of the window shows me that my neighbour’s garage door has flown off the hinges. That means I’m gonna fix that door again as soon as the wind dies down. Some of his roof shingles have also suffered some damage. After real asphalt shingles got replaced with some composite material, people are having endless problems with them as they don’t bond to eachother. When technocrats are taking over, it seems like we are going backwards into the future.


  1. At least you have the wood stove and coffee perk you are good to go.
    We use our coffee perk while dry camping most of the winter.


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