Tuesday, January 5, 2016

So We Got Another Year On Our Plate

It’s 2016
image 2016
……and what do you know we have already done the first week of it. Not without some big headlines I gotta tell you. And it started even before the clock struck 12am on January 01.  A huge highrise in Dubai on fire and from Germany we hear about a massive crime wave in the city of Cologne.
koeln olice cologne newyear
Hundreds of men of North-African descent have attacked young women at the central train station, stealing from them and harassing them sexually. It has caused a National outcry and German authorities are currently sitting in meetings to decide what measures to take to guarantee public safety.

Meanwhile, over here on homey Campobello, life goes on like it has done for hundreds of years.

We have been without our electric forced air furnace for some time but will be getting a new blower motor shortly. Not that we would run that furnace all the time – it would bankrupt us - but it is good to have on a chilly morning. And chilly it was this morning. Our thermometer reading was –16C (3F) and the windchill made it feel like –24C (-11F) AND THAT felt pretty cold when I walked down the street with Molly. I was bundled up like I was going on a trip to the North Pole.

Besides the furnace we had another trouble to deal with. Our water pressure tank had proven to have a hole in the membrane. Consequently our pump was running like crazy everytime water was used upstairs. Also when using the washer it shut down completely. We had our plumber here when a neighbour showed up and learned of our troubles. An hour later neighbour Jim came back dragging something big through our kitchen door. Jim had brought a pressure tank which had been stored in his basement – obviously waiting for a great opportunity to spring back into action.
Good helping neigbours are priceless!

So today our plumber was back installing the new tank for us and within one hour only, everything had been put back together and no more troubles with the flow of our water. We saved literally hundreds of Dollars on a new tank.

Anyway, it’s going to gradually warm up again towards Sunday, so who knows, maybe we do see those dandelions again. :–)

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  1. It is definitely cold where you are! You're lucky to have such a good neighbor!


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