Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Never Had Lunch Outside Up North On January 28 And Gracie Was Visiting For A Few Hours

1-DSC_0661Have a good look at the thermometer.  Well, it was out in the sun, so it is not the temperature in the shade Yet it reads real 15C or 60F. That made me a real happy camper. It sure felt like spring had sprung when I rigged up a lawn chair and had my lunch and coffee outside. Too nice to pass up such an occasion!

However, 2 hours later the sun had vanished behind a cloud cover and the temps have gone down to 7C or 43F. Yet, still no reason to complain on January 28.1-DSC_0646
I used the Day to haul in more firewood. It’s been such a blessing that they cleaned out underneath the power lines this fall. 

After lunch, Bea got home with little
Gracie in tow. The cute little girl’s owners had to go on a day trip and little Gracie needed some entertainment and motion over the day.


Gracie was dressed appropriately with a woolen sweater sporting colourful hearts for decoration.

Gracie was greeted by Molly and we always marvel at how well they get along with each other.
1-DSC_0648  1-DSC_0674
1-DSC_0649  1-DSC_0660

Thanks again for taking a peek!


  1. When the sun shines up north in the winter, it's certainly the time to get outside and soak up some of those rays.

  2. Enjoy the sunshine when its there, winter still has a ways to go yet.


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