Tuesday, January 12, 2016

After A Busy Day A Storm Is Brewing

OK, we got this recent break from winter weather. All snow disappeared and it was like spring was right around the corner. But next morning we were still without power. Then, after 13hrs the power company had fixed the damage, which was a toppled-over tree, ironically this happened after the power company cleared out all trees under the power lines. But when the wind hits from the other side the next row of trees can reach the power line, and most likely they will topple much easier as they usually haven’t developed a very strong root system. Power companies in Europe started burrying power lines after WW2, but it seems that North American Power companies love to send out crews in all kind of inclement weather to restore power.

With blue sky and nice sunshine I got over to our neighbour fixing his garage door today. Took only about one hour. Next on the agenda was getting lots of firewood into our basement. Mission was accomplished right around lunch time.
With all that extra firewood still being around in the ditches I headed out with van and trailer to get a few more loads. The weather guys had talked about another winter storm coming so I just HAD to hurry to get that wood before it again would be covered by snow.  So we hauled in 2 more loads and had a coffee break in between.

Finally it was time to relax….until Bea re-read the weather forecast. It wasn’t sounding good. 70mph storm AND a foot of snow would keep us in the house for some time and my mind wandered to our fridge. Hmm….we needed a few things to survive a few days house-bound so I jumped in the car and off I went. It had already started snowing and blowing pretty hard. Got some sausages and hamburger, a box of clementines, milk, cheese and butter. With what still is in the fridge we should be good for the next storm.
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When the weather is playing tricks on us we better be prepared.

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