Saturday, November 1, 2014

With Halloween Gone And Bubble Wrap and Sewer Pipes

I had myself an outing to The Home Depot on Halloween morning – just to be scared by all the terrible looking Depot employees. One of the skeletons asked me whether I needed help. Yuk…she had really ugly dead-looking teeth in her face and of course I was so flabbergasted about her looks that I just blurted out “You are really looking ugly”. 
What was I looking for at the H.Depot?   I was wondering whether I could buy a roll of clear bubble wrap. You know the stuff which is used for packing things which can break under transport.
Well, they had a narrow roll or two of green or pink.  Wasn’t working for me as I planned to have it on the inside of our windows where it would serve as an additional insulation.
I finally found some at “STAPLES”. Even at STAPLES people were made up as Dr. Frankenstein and Co.
Halloween is weird that way.  Even Europe has gotten infected by it. I saw a sign mounted on the entrance gate of a cemetery. It read:

”CLOSED because of Company Trip”

There you got it.
No, I’m glad that Halloween is over. Not that I love November any better. Always been the grey month for me. Good ole sun’s appearances are getting more and more rare and there is this feeling of that everything goes straight to h……...

And I must admit, reading your blogs with all the nice pics from where ever you just are wayyyy down south DOES MAKE ME FEEL LOUSY. At least I start understanding what gruesome deeds I did all those years when I lot everyone know at home HOW MARVELOUS WE HAD IT IN THE DESERT. 

Back to necessary errands in the city. Another pressing matter was at hand. Our holding tanks were just about full and my sewer hose was too short to reach the “hole”. Besides, we had seen other rigs where sewer hoses had been replaced with a solid PVC sewer pipe.  Just the thing I needed here.
So this morning I went off again in search for that fitting pipe.
It was Home Depot again, this time in Stony Plain. I had measured it to be 14 feet long, but the pipes leaning against that wall at the H.D. were just 10ft. So I needed 2 pipes. I also needed two elbows fitting on both ends. Not any easy task I tell you.
RV-pipes are not made to standard with residential stuff. Nothing fits unless you improvise, which I had to do.

After 1 1/2hr. I re-emerge from the H.D. – armed with 2 pipes, 2 elbows and a handsaw to cut the stuff to measure.

And the result was….it wasn’t sloping! Our trailer’s outlet is too low and the pipe sticking of the ground too high. Yet I managed to empty the tanks, but something needs to be done. I think we have to drive the trailer up on 4inch high blocks to make the water run into…..THE HOLE!


  1. I can't remember what park we were in at the moment but that is exactly what the guy did. He kept the tank closed until the need to dump,
    ran the back wheels up on a ramp sort of thing to make the contents run into the hole!

  2. I think if we were stuck in Canada for the winter I would not be able to read the blogs of all the folks enjoying themselves in the warmer sunny south. I think I would find it just too depressing

  3. Yup, I'm with Al on this one !!

  4. You will find a solution.
    I agree with Al and Sassy too.

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