Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold And Pretty

Listening to the weather man this morning I realized that we had just gotten through a cold night. Minus 20C was the current temperature in the city. And it was foggy.
Though I must admit that my first steps outside had not put me in a state of shock. I guess it was the fog which kinda tricked me to believe in a mild morning.
That changed after the sun had burned off all fog and was shining from a deep-blue sky. Now it really turned pretty as surrounding trees were showing off in white frost. But now one could feel the cold creeping through the layers of clothes.
We still have no frozen water lines nor any significant problems inside our trailer. All thanks to self-made aftermarket insulation.
20141113_124957Molly does have a problem walking through the snow. Every so often snow is freezing to one of her front paws which makes her limp along. We have already removed hair on her paws, but the problem persists.

Our neighbour pulled up stakes today. That the one with the green
Iguana in the window. Hopefully they go south – otherwise that animal might suffer through a Canadian Winter.


  1. It does look so pretty, and so glad we are not there.
    Nice that you can keep warm.

  2. I agree with George. It is pretty to look at but I'm really glad we're not there either.

  3. NOPE ! Not going to convince me it's pretty !! LOL


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