Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Morning Blues

It’s 3:30am and Saturday Morning when I hear Bea stirring under her covers, then telling me that the furnace has stopped, because the propane tanks are empty. That sure activates me out of my sleep. It’s only 3 days ago I mounted full tanks. So I get up to check. Throwing myself in some warm clothes I step outside. It’s not dark around her. RV-Park Lights are casting a shallow light all around. I lift the tanks and realize that Bea is right. But stop….one of the tanks are heavier than the other. So I switch the valve over to that tank alone hoping the best.
Back in the trailer I try the furnace. Blower starts, I hear a short ignition then ….nothing. There is not enough pressure left in the tank. Darn…..I switch on the electric radiant heater and go back to bed. But sleep has deserted me.
At around 7am I decide to get up. I try the cooking range and it ignites. Not a strong flame but enough to boil water for coffee.
TV-programming is in full swing and I watch Detective Murdoch solve one of his mysteries.  At 8am I have the van started. It is time to get going for a propane refill.
At Spruce Grove I stop at TEMPO GAS. They have the cheapest propane around here. Luckily, they are at work already. Ted tells me that they ran out of propane yesterday afternoon. The truck came during the evening with new supplies.

When I return to the trailer I find Bea and Molly on the couch.
I restart the furnace and within a minute warm air travels through the trailer. I have another roll and some coffee.

DSC_0027  DSC_0023 There is no limit to what kind of rigs people live in. But look at the Hybrid trailer. Minus 20C and living in a tent????


Meanwhile all kind of activities have started around the park. 


A man is up on his roof removing snow or fixing something. Others meet outside coffee mug in hand. A few dogs have been taken on a morning walk. The sun is out, but it is cold. The weather men are talking about a warm-up to minus 5C today and look…Monday it’s supposed to get up to 0C (32F) I will have to dig out my shorts.  Winking smile
DSC_0026Have a warm weekend!


  1. Wow, not a good time to run out of propan. I know it's a pain in the arse to live in the snow, but it sure is beautiful. You and Bea are really hardy folk. Stay warm... :)

  2. We are due south in Spokane. No snow but the deep freeze is certainly here too. Do you have an automatic change over valve?

  3. There's been a couple of times when we've run out of propane and I am not a happy camper when that happens. I just can't imagine surviving in an RV in that cold let along in that hybrid thing. 0C will feel like a heat wave after this.

  4. Oh My ! You two sure are brave souls !!

  5. Maybe would be worth your while to have a large tank delivered that can be filled up over the winter months.

  6. Why don't you use some electrical heaters?

    1. We do have one electrical heater in use during the day. And it DOES help.

  7. Have you considered renting the larger 100 or 200 pound propane tanks from a local company. They would come to you when your tank is empty and you could save your smaller tanks for backup.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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