Friday, November 28, 2014

One Good Foot Of Snow

It has been snowing without much of any break since yesterday and today we are looking at 35cm (more than 1 ft.) of powdery snow. Powdery it is because the temps are down to –21C (-6F) It is still piling up and city traffic has come to a crawl. with more than 150 collisions caused mostly by stupid driving habits (means too fast).
DSC_0059 DSC_0061
And just how are we making out in a travel trailer which was never thought to be used in this climate?
Well, we are still having running water and we are not cold. Yes, our water pump has been stalling a couple of times, but came back within a few hours every time. Wind chill temperature is currently minus 31C (-23F) Yes, it is grueling cold. In fact Molly doesn’t like to be outside anymore. This morning she was back from her small business in a few seconds.

DSC_0062  DSC_0063 

The park has been thoughtful enough to provide snow shovels for the guests, so this morning I went over to pick up a shovel. Over night we had another 25cm so there was plenty of the white stuff to get rid of. While I was doing so a neighbour ambled over asking whether we had water running. He complained that his water was frozen. He owns a 38ft Class A motorhome and with heated underbelly he shouldn’t really have any problems. But then he explained that he had a water HOSE running from the outside tap to his rig and it was frozen in spite of heating tape being used. Dude!


One can’t do that in freezing temps like we have now, unless the whole thing is packed up in an insulated and heated pipe. We just fill our water tank then disconnect the hose. That’s how we get by.

Yup, it’s a learning process to attempt winter camping in Alberta.


While I had time yesterday I made up a dough for Christmas Cookies. These are made with lard and are of a kind my mother made as far as I can think back. I’m proud to say they turned out absolutely perfect.

DSC_0065Advent will begin this weekend and after 9 years spending Christmas in California we will have a white Christmas again. That, in turn will make my thoughts fly backwards many decades to when I was still living home and our parents provided everything for the celebrations. The old country Christmas celebrations has given us lasting memories. It was a time when commerce had not yet taken over entirely.


I bet you have good memories of those years as well.

Thanks for stopping by again.


  1. There's nothing "good" about a foot of snow ! YUCK !! LOL Wish you were here instead of there - as I'm sure you do as well.

  2. All I have to say is I'd rather you have the snow in Canada than me in Arizona! How fast can you get here?

  3. the powdery light snow itself will act as an insulation banked up against the trailer skirting, as long as it doesnt melt and freeze, or doesnt get compacted. We used to make snow shelters in the forest when the snow was deep enough (back in the 60s and 70s when winters were really bad; read -30F for prolonged weeks in the northeast). Good call filling fresh water tank only when needed, and avoiding the hose/pedistal thing in the Arctic-like Edmonton winter 😀

  4. As they are wont to say in Jamaica, "respect". Looks like you've skirted up well enough to keep from congealing. Still not much delight in going out in it. The temp here is up and down like a toilet seat. Cold now, plus 10-13 come Sunday. I don't mind.


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