Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grace Period Is Over

Not a day too early to insulate the trailer it was. From yesterday we have that white stuff on the ground. And temps dropped like a rock down a canyon from well over zero to –10C (14F) yesterday and –17C (1.5F) this morning. So far we have no problems inside the trailer. DSC_0782-001The Styrofoam insulation sure helps and no water line is frozen. The camp is in a Sunday-Quiet mode. No noise from Highway 60.

Some rigs have not been insulated yet, a neighbour working on it only yesterday.

The big city is preparing for Christmas. Advertisements for Advent concerts are in the German-language newspaper “Albertaner”. German stores are getting ready to sell their Christmas pastries and cookies. My mind has focused on German “Marzipan”.
DSC_0783 DSC_0784DSC_0785

Bea came back from Cold Lake yesterday and had a tough ride through the snow, but arrived safely with Molly in tow. Meanwhile I had prepared a warming dinner and we enjoyed the warmth of the inside while a cold wind was swirling the snow around.
DSC_0782Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sure does look cold glad we are not there, keep warm.

  2. Sure glad you got your insulation done just in the nick of time !! Hard to imagine the extreme differences in temperatures from where you are to where I am.

    Soon enough I'll have no choice but to deal with that snow again - and I know I'll hate every minute of it !! But while I can and for as long as I can, I'll be staying away from it.


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