Wednesday, November 12, 2014

City Tour

We had an appointment with friends south of the city and the meeting point had been decided to be at IKEA.
But one can’t just meet in an IKEA parking lot without entering this Swedish Paradise of wonderful things. Especially not when it is lunch time, and lunch time it was. So we went upstairs and right to the Cafeteria-Style restaurant, where I got me the Swedish Meatball dish, while Bea chose Fish + Chips. We had coffee as well. It was delicious and cheap enough to also buy a chocolate bar with hazelnuts for 99cts.
IKEA Job                   We did not, however, apply for a job there….

Being in the restaurant there is only one way out. And it leads through the entire facility along all kind of housewares, bathroom equipment, beautiful curtains and finally the furniture department.
It’s a walk of pain when you have no room to put all the nice stuff your brain wants you to buy.

We got out of there without opening our wallet. But then we were really asking for it.
 20141112_134705 (1)
There is a European Grocer in Edmonton, called K+K Foodliner. It’s a wonderful store with the most delicious European-Style food items. When we couldn’t find a parking spot in front of the store I even paid 2 Bucks to a parkometer to get inside of that place. From the moment we entered the place I was 4000miles across the Atlantic Ocean. First thing one notices is the different smell of the store.
20141112_134752 20141112_135311
It’s German – no doubt.
Their meat counter is the most intriguing place. Here lies smoked bacon besides real smoked20141112_135233 (1)ham. Here are sausages of outstanding quality, and what I really couldn’t withstand  - a coarse smoked liverwurst, like you wouldn’t believe it. 
But likewise fascinating is the Christmas cookie shelf. Here are Aachener Printen, Aacherner Dominosteine, Lebkuchen, Christmas Stollen and delicious Marzipan. It’s just too much to mention it all. Let the pictures do the job.

I could have spent the rest of the afternoon there, but we had only 40 minutes in our parking space, so we approached the cashier and paid our dues.

The sun was low over the horizon when we got home and had coffee.
What we did with our treasures? 
We put them away for the last 4 weeks before Christmas. That’s when things like that belong on the food table. That is except of the Liverwurst, Havarti Cheese and Package of dark Rye bread. They will be long gone before any Christmas music reaches my ears.
Want to come along to taste it?



  2. Oh how I love liverwurst and dark rye bread

  3. Oh - we looked for a shop like this on our tour through America. But we did not find such good things. Here in Germany we get Christmas Goodies since beginning of September. But we will eat them after 1st December.
    Liverwurst and dark rye bread we have all day in Germany. And I love the Grafschafer things every morning.

  4. Oh a good liverwurst, would love to get a hold of some so good.


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