Monday, November 17, 2014

Quack–Quack We Have A Duck

You like ducks?  Me too. They are cute to watch running in the yard. But they are even better as main part of my supper.
When I came across frozen ducks under my recent shopping trip to the city, I discovered a whole freezer full of them. And since the price was right ($2.60/pound) I let one of them go into my cart.
Today is the day when said duck is gonna be our supper and will be served with red cabbage, cooked with onion and an apple.  It’s gonna be a feast and the lovely smell of roasted duck is filling our trailer making us very hungry people. Of course Molly noticed the preparations early on and took up stilling in front of the kitchen counter.
After 3 1/2hrs in the oven the 2.4kg-duck is basically ready for the table. I can hardly contain myself.
What about you? You like roasted duck?


  1. No, I don't care for duck. Maybe it because of the preparation, but it seems to be too greasy/oily. Same thing with a goose. Now, if I am really hungry, then all bets are off the table. Stay warm up there.

  2. Nope, Still not pretty !! LOL

    1. Come on Denise. Admit it, you wanna be here too. LOL.

    2. Oh Peter, Soon enough I'll have no choice but to live in that climate again. But while I'm still able to get away from it I sure will be doing just that !!

  3. Roast Duck yes, sounds wonderful especially when you are hanging out in that weather. Enjoy!


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