Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Are All Wrapped Up

Let the cold weather come. Let it snow and let it freeze. We are ready to meet the Alberta Winter. WINTER CAMPING ---- I’ve never done it --- except the odd snow shower under our April trail north.
Extra window insulation and now we have a covered-up R7.5 under-belly. The Styrofoam has a reflective aluminum foil on the inside and  a stabilizing plastic foil on the outside. The sheets were 4x8 and I had to cut them which I used a serrated bread knife for. (don’t tell Bea) Yes, Bea isn’t here but watches 4 kids in Cold Lake. Latest update from her: She’s playing Super-Brain with Cyrus. Who’s winning?  At the moment it was Bea.
With the latest results of the American elections the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline might become reality. Oil extracted from the Alberta Tar Sands will stream across the U.S. border ending up at a Texas refinery.

And this is what also happens at the Tar Sands – almost every day:

Hundreds of Ducks Euthanized after Oil Sands... by NewsLook


  1. Well thankfully you'll be warm and also in your "own" home. Now all you have to do is go buy a shovel and have it handy !!

  2. Well, stay warm this winter. Bea is watching FOUR kids? Oh brother, I feel for her.

    1. I lived in edmonton for a winter. That trailer may have only an effective R3 wall value; the roof may be R5 at best. The trailer windows (if the are not thermal pane) have an effective insul. Value of R1. we had R30 walls and R40 roof, and that was barely adequate. You,ll need to have dehumidification inside trailer, or you will have ice forming on inside walls. The snow on the roof will also severely ice dam. You better build some roof vent polystyrene insulating caps. Have you got a backup plan if your furnace fails?

    2. ...also, your furnace will be going full tilt 24/7 when the temps go below -10, -20, -40C, you will need to refill a 30 LB propane tank about 3or 4 times a week just for heating. Good idea to have at least 3 tanks always ready/on the go...are you aware of the possibility of propane tank system freeze-up in those arctic temperatures? Be prepared...

    3. Thanks for your input. We have lived in Alberta 6 years and know about what's coming. We will soon have a 300pounds propane tank installed and we do have enough ventilation to get rid of the humidity. And yes the tanks will be covered up with a blanket. A small 30 pounds tank filled up separately can be warmed up in one of our vehicles.And we do have electric heat back-up.
      Hundreds - no thousands of oilworkers are staying in trailers during the winter. There is simply not enough rental space in this city.

    4. Sounds like you have this well thought out. Glad you've covered the bases. Sure wish it was otherwise for you having to fall back to trailer over winter. Keep a positive outlook, and hopefully, you'll be back in Arizona over-wintering before long. Cheers

  3. Looks like you have the bases covered as you can, good luck with the upcoming weather.

  4. Experience is certainly the best teacher, but I still say "good luck". you'll need it.


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