Saturday, March 1, 2014

It (Hardly) Ever Rains In Holtville

While parts of California have been experiencing flooding I probably could have kept a count on the number of droplets hitting our trailer. There is a reason why we are surrounded by desert!  I wouldn’t mind a rain at this time as we haven’t had ANY since we arrived here. But in spite of dark clouds all around no rain of any significance came down. In fact, it was very warm all day yesterday, and I suspect that the rain evaporated before hitting the ground.

We did get some strong wind gusts during the evening, but we had battened down the hatches and removed all loose objects from around the trailer. Our awning is run by an electric motor and we have a steady rule to roll it up every evening and whenever we leave our site. It just takes one strong wind gust to destroy an awning. We have seen it happen with other rigs.

Barbara emailed us a couple of pics she took of me working on the “rescue operation”. So here they are.

It’s still early in the morning, Bea has gone on the trail with a couple of neighbours and of course, MOLLY, who is such a darling for us.




  1. We did not get much rain here in desert Hot springs either.
    We never leave our awning in the down position, unless we are sitting under it too.
    Nice pictures of the attempted tow.

  2. Bea warned me of the rain and how it comes down into where I'm camped. By the time I got back from town yesterday the rain, what little there was, was done. Today looks pretty cloudy, too, so I'm keeping my eye on things. If it starts coming down hard, I'm moving for the duration of the storm up to the road.

    I like the photo of you with the van and the chain. Nice to know Al has a chain in case there's a "second time." But good grief - I hope not! :)

  3. When you're in the desert and the storms come, it certainly is time to button down. You just never know how they are going to hit. However, after the rain everything smells so fresh.


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