Friday, February 28, 2014

She Got Stuck In The Sand Until We Got It Unstuck

Barbara had send us an email telling us that she got stuck in the sand and was looking for help. And when an RVer is looking for help there’s always another RVer who might be able to provide assistance. So yesterday morning I was looking for a chain or a solid rope to possibly pull her Class C out with.

Neighbour Alvin had a 10ft. steel chain and with that I drove down to Barbara’s RV.
Of course, I forgot to take the camera along. :-(( I fastened the chain onto the rear of both vehicles and …started pulling.  All that happened was my rear wheels started to spin and digging a hole underneath. The Desert floor can be treacherous!  So I stopped in the attempt. Our van was too lightweight for her 24footer Class C

Barbara had a rug which we positioned behind the rear wheels. Then she put the thing in reverse, starting slowly while I was manually putting my weight against her hood pushing.  And holy smokes….that thing moved straight out of the hole and onto solid ground.  Meanwhile a neighbour had come over with a thick board. Like I say, when an RVer needs help…..

Barbara took a few pictures and she’s got them on her blog.

Other than the “rescue” the day passed rather uneventful. Some light clouds had moved in and a breeze prevailed most of the day making an afternoon nap outside rather pleasant.
When the wind died after 7pm, we walked over to our neighbours Ron and Betty. They have a bonfire about every evening. And there is hardly any evening going by without us solving most of the worlds problems at the campfire.

It’s life in the desert!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Always nice to help fellow rv'ers. Good that you got Betty unstuck.

  2. Thank you so much for going to Barbara's rescue. One of the best parts of this life is knowing that almost anybody out there will help you out if things get bad.

  3. Fellow RV'ers are SIMPLY THE BEST !!

  4. We've had to assist two RVs get out of the sand in Yuma. Thank goodness you were there for Barbara!!


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