Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Skies Again On Our Third Day Of Travel

What a great morning it was at Yuba Lake. The air was cold and clear and a golden sun was already shining right into our side window. The first pickup trucks arrived with their boats for a morning of fishing. THAT, however, would probably be a rather cold adventure which I would not have liked to be part of.
On our way out we stopped at the dumping station to make sure we wouldn’t be carrying all that water around. I have to make a correction about yesterday’s post. The snowy mountain we thought was named Tintic turned out to be almost 13,000ft high Mt.Nebo. Just a little error we found out about.
As it was Sunday morning, traffic was light through the big cities of Provo and Salt Lake. Yet it is a 2 1/2hr. drive through all that urbanized area. A bonus was the view of the majestic snow-covered mountains east of the cities. Gas prices were surprisingly low at around $3,25/gal. which is actually less than in Nevada and Arizona.
DSC_0369 DSC_0365
As we rolled into Idaho, traffic volume thinned out a lot, and it appeared clear that w

DSC_0381 Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City

Today we were also very lucky with the wind as it was either no wind at all or a slight tail wind. That way we made a record 11.3mpg today.
DSC_0421 DSC_0412

Ice clouds over the desert

We quit driving early at around 5pm MDT and parked at Wally World in Pocatello,ID
All pictures were taken by Bea while I was driving.

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  1. Bea does a great job capturing the scenery as you drive through. Even though it's cold the blue skies sure can make a difference. Gas around San Antonio runs about $3.19. Thank goodness that snow is on the mountains and not on the roads.

  2. I love that area around Salt Lake City.... while KOA's aren't our favorite places to stay, the one on West Temple is quite nice, on the bus line and is within walking distance to the downtown area. Bea took great photos.... love that scenery!

  3. You are making good time and nice travel days, enjoy the journey.

  4. Sure glad to hear that the wind and no snow on the roads is cooperating with you guys. Looks like Montana is cold but no snow today and tomorrow and then snow again on Wednesday. So be safe out there.

  5. Agree with everybody that Bea takes great pictures along your journey.


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