Thursday, March 20, 2014

We’ve Got Our Mail And Soon We Will Be Heading North

Whoa…after only 6 days, Sunday included, we got our mail from home. Congrats U.S. Mail!
What that means is that our time in the south will come to an end soon. In fact we hope to be rolling on Friday. We have started to get organized. Bea did a whole load of laundry today and I put the roof carrier for the solar panel back on.

Yesterday we went to Yuma for some shopping around and having lunch in an Asian restaurant. It wasn’t the greatest culinary experience, not for me at least, but I think our neighbours Ron and Betty enjoyed it.

We are probably going to follow a route straight north – to Alberta!
DSC_0091  DSC_0015


I’m going to drive charter coach in the National Park area of Banff and Jasper.

More details will follow in due course!

Weather has been outstanding here all the DSC_0087time and of course we are sad we have to leave, but that’s just the way it has been every year.
We just hope that spring will be arriving in the north before we are arriving there.



  1. Travel safe and good luck with the weather!

  2. Alberta? I'll be anxious to find out about that and not going home?

  3. I also say ALBERTA !!?? Not going East at all ??

  4. Banff is so beautiful. But we definitely need more details about what's going on. Safe travels.

  5. Might have to attach a big snow blade to the front of your van when you get up that-a-way..........


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