Monday, March 17, 2014

Kidnapped and crashed or stolen and landed?


The world is wondering where Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has disappeared.

And it may be anybody’s guess what has happened to that plane.

Facts, are:

  • it never appeared on any radar along any anticipated route ( or some country purposely denies the appearance on the  radar)
  • no terrorist organization  has claimed to stand behind any kidnapping
  • no wreckage has been found
  • all communication equipment onboard was manually disabled which according to experts takes a lot of detailed knowledge

Consequently we are looking at a criminal act of so far unknown magnitude. Disabling communications does only make sense if terrorists are in control of the airplane. It would make no sense whatsoever that the plane has flown into the vastness of the Indian Ocean unless it could land on some dingy island.

If it has flown along the Himalaya range and crashed, it could be hard to detect, but it could have landed in some desolate area. There are plenty of rogue countries along that route.

If the plane was stolen (with all passengers onboard) the purpose can only be that the plane landed on some private airstrip where it most likely disappeared from view by being rolled into a hangar.

Why would someone steal a Passenger Jet?

Here is a possible scenario: The jet could be repainted with different colors, then filled with explosives and flown into a major American city causing mayhem of never before experienced magnitude. And flying a passenger jet would be a great disguise as there would be no alert of any kidnapping and consequently no nation would start shooting down an approaching harmless passenger jet. Under approach the jet would use a false calling ID for not causing any suspicion.

Today’s strict airport controls make smuggling explosives in huge amounts aboard a plane impossible. But if someone can bypass that obstacle by outfitting “their own plane” with whatever destructive materials they choose to use, it would almost guarantee a success. Of course an airplane can also be used to educate someone how to fly it.

Whether this theory of mine is holding up we will only know in the future, but I sure hope I’m wrong.


  1. WOW never thought of that one. Such a mystery for sure.

  2. Well, that's a theory. Somehow though they'd have to "squawk" (look it up) at some point on their new journey and the transponder code wouldn't match the new aircraft badge. At least that's the first thought that comes to mind.
    What hasn't been said up to now is, where are all the tin-foil hat wearing Conspiracy Theorists right about now? I thought we were "all being watched"? If that's the case, then how the heck did an airplane simply vanish. Hm? And yes, I know about the NSA and CSIS. Where the heck were all those spy satellites?

  3. Whether we ever find out or it becomes an unsolved mystery, there's a made-for-tv movie already being written somewhere. We can track a cell phone but lose a 777? Boggles the mind.


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