Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh AMERICA – You Are Sooo Beautiful

There is nothing so invigorating and exciting than a looong road trip through America. The feeling of rolling along over endless highways with ever-changing views – and climates – means so much to us. And even though I do get tired after 10 and more hours on the road, I love it dearly. There MUST have been a gypsy-line in my ancestors family history.
The day started out with beautiful weather and a ride through the glitter town of L.V. Let me say it like this: L.V. does look a lot more interesting at night.
DSC_0291 DSC_0261
We stopped at Wally World in Mesquite and then we had to leave the low desert behind as we climbed up through the Virgin River Gorge, which is actually in Arizona, finally ending up on 2000ft in UTAH. 
We just couldn’t believe what we saw….a LIGHT HOUSE!
All the time from my very first visit in the U.S. back in 1996, Utah has always been my favorite state to visit. And again we were mesmerized with the red rocks and spring-green trees everywhere. Soo beautiful.
But then we arrived in the high pine forest over 6000ft high, where junipers dominate everywhere. They are dark green and the colours of the rocks have changed to grey. Endlessly seems the highway as it travels across high plateaus and through wide and deep valleys. A very few white clouds dotted the deep blue sky.

We took a coffee break in a turn-out and moved on down the highway. When it was time to look for a spot to rest for the night, Bea found a Utah State Park just 2hrs south of the Salt Lake City and 4 miles east of I-15. It’s called Yuba Lake State Park. In spite of spring break being all over us we still found a site with electric for $25.00. No noise out here. The area is beautiful with a wide blue lake stretching far to the mountains.
DSC_0336 DSC_0321 DSC_0329 DSC_0333 DSC_0334
Over 8000ft snow-capped Mt. Tintic to the left

And here is a little story I have saved for you.  It was the last morning in Holtville. I had just finished a morning walk with Molly when I saw that Molly had picked up a little stick from behind a bush – just something she occasionally does. She carried it inside the trailer where she ate most of it.

But not all!

When Bea cleaned the floor a while later she found a rest of “the stick” which turned out to be a dried piece of rattle snake skin!! So much for finding a stick in the desert. We don’t really know whether it was a skin only she found or the entire dead snake!

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  1. I'm certain I have gypsy ancestors. I never want to stay still. Well, I don't want to stay still for long.

    Oh yuck about the dead snake. At least the sunshine probably cooked it and at least Molly didn't get sick.

  2. We love travelling too, but much shorter travel days, our gypsy blood too likes us to keep moving.

  3. I cannot believe the long days you put in on the road. You are really covering the miles. I agree with Jeri - yuck about the snake.

  4. 10 or more hours on the road !!! Oh My, I get tired after about 2 hours hence it takes me forever to get to wherever I'm going. But I'm RETIRED so I have lots of time.

  5. Ack! Bleck! Yuck! Snake...dead's all gross! So glad your pup didn't get sick OR that she didn't bring a live snake into the rig! 10 hours is a long travel day. Not sure we oldtimers could do that! If we didn't live in the Northwest, Utah would probably be our favorite state too! So much natural beauty there! Happy trails!

  6. Good thing that snake wasn't alive.

  7. I think a lot of us full-timers have Gypsy blood in us. That snake story is something, isn't it? I wonder how dead snake skin tastes....

    I, too, loved driving through Utah my first autumn on the road. I'd never been there before, and was surprised at how beautiful it was. Californians always think they have the best of everything, and it is a beautiful state, but there are lots of things I've seen in my travels that I haven't seen in California. Each state has it's own special things. :)


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