Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 4: Idaho + Montana And Something Amazing Happened

The night in Pocatello was cold – very cold, and when you have a furnace acting up you just don’t appreciate that cold. We had a quick breakfast and were on the road shortly after. We had been rolling north for about 20 minutes when “some guy” pulled alongside us and honked the horn like crazy. It was first when he had passed us that I realized who “that guy” really was. They were Gerald and Theresa from Saskatchewan. We had been neighbours for 4 weeks at the Hot Springs LTVA. Gerald and Theresa had then left for spending some time at Quartzsite. And that was the last time we saw them – until now meeting them on I-15.
DSC_0006 DSC_0033
RV Meeting at Twin Bridges, MT

We both turned off I-15 at Dillon,MT and coming to Twin Bridges we stopped and had lunch at “The Shack”.  Gerald and Theresa have a big white Pyrenees dog, called Buddy. Buddy was allowed to say Hello to Molly and I’m sure that Molly did not understand how in the world this dog, which she has seen every day in the desert did pop up out here all of a sudden.
DSC_0051 DSC_0043 
It was one of the great memorable moments one can experience when traveling.
We carried on down the road and reached Great Falls,MT at around 4:30pm. And that was enough driving for us. Wally World has a great location in town so that’s where you would have found us, if you would have looked.
DSC_0018 DSC_0017
DSC_0021 DSC_0020
We have found an RV-storage in Calgary where we will drop off our trailer tomorrow. The place also has a U-Haul Truck rental which is the perfect combination for me, once I have returned to the city on April 15. I have also a reservation for an RV-Park in Canmore,AB and that’s where I’ll be living all summer while driving coach for Canada Coach Lines Inc.
We might get some flurries tomorrow, however serious snow will not start before Wednesday at which time we will have started on the next 3000 miles across the country.  :-)
DSC_0026 DSC_0029
DSC_0022 DSC_0019
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  1. way behind on my blog reading...nice to catch up with the two of you!

  2. Gorgeous photos but still glad that snow isn't on the roads. You just never know who is going to sneak up on you no matter where you go. You're almost there! Well, almost for this leg of the trip.

  3. OK so, are you going to "import" the trailer into Canada? I'm confused, since it seems you were previously storing it over in Maine when not in use. Maybe it's a different situation with trailers?

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Bob regarding the importing of your trailer to Canada. I suspect it has Maine plates? Since you're driving coach this summer I assume you have given up your tour business in Campobello Island? Good luck.

  5. Yes, "Inquiring Minds" want to know about the trailer because I also thought you left it in Maine and didn't 'import' it into Canada.

    And now to have to drive another 3,000 Miles. Oh Dear ! Sure glad it's not me.

  6. Me to how are you getting this trailer into Canada.
    Have fun driving coach this summer.

    I worked for Gray Coach Lines dispatch for 13 years back in the day, and my father a bus driver for 30 years.

  7. Well, I have the same questions as the others so hopefully your next post will give us lots of answers. You got some beautiful pictures of Montana but it still looks way too cold. Safe travels today.

  8. Meeting up with friends while traveling down the road sounds awfully familiar. HA!

  9. So fun, a 'chance encounter'. It looks so very cold where you are.

  10. Safe travels you guys, sounds like lots has happened since we saw you. We hope it all goes well! Oh yeah, I was born in Great Falls MT, I think there is a sign there somewhere commemorating the event. We are in Alamogordo, NM, heading over the mountains tomorrow. Jill


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