Friday, February 21, 2014



Whenever I come to the "Wild-West" I need to have myself a portion of the real wild-west history and there is hardly any better place than the CASTLE DOME VALLEY MINE MUSEUM in the Kofa Mountains. It's really easy to find. Coming from Yuma on HWY 95 one just has to follow until mile marker 55. From here a small road turns eastward towards Castle Dome. The good pavement ends soon and from there a pretty rough, but drivable road goes on for another 10 miles until the museum entrance comes up on the left. The museum is a private collection of paraphernalia  of the 19th and early 20th century, mostly all related to the history of mining in the Kofa Mountains. On the right (south)side of the road one can follow a hiking path leading between old deep mining holes, much old machinery and a few buildings.

The owners of the museum live in Yuma and the entrance charge of $10.00 is worth every penny of it.

We were three couples leaving the LTVA early at 8:30am and before we returned home we needed to stop by at the Date Garden for a refreshment with a date shake. It was a terrific day and though we were all tired in the evening we all had a great time.

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