Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh Sunny Day….I Love YOU

This is life as we know it here in the south. Between having a nice hot soak at 7am, a strong morning coffee in the sun and lively camp fires in the evening we cannot be any happier. The desert provides us with beautiful sunsets… and sunrises. When the coyotes howl under the full moon than I feel that we have reached a place I have longed after all my life. 
DSC_0078         Yes, Daddy – it’s nice and cool down here!

The heat has also brought out the gnats, but they are out and about only during sunset hour and a little past that. Little lizards are scurrying around during the hottest part of the day. Already we have heard snake stories. There are rattlers here and sidewinders. Sidewinders are dangerous as they don’t warn you before they strike. We have never seen one yet and hope it stays that way.
Friday is Valentines Day. We are gonna have a site party in 90F weather out here. Lots of sweets, Music…dance. You should see this…really. These people – all retirees - hopping and clapping around like spring chickens.
How more active can it be to grow old?

DSC_0001                 Colorado Water in a Holtville irrigation canal running right along the LTVA


  1. Always something going on there, enjoy the heat and the party too.

  2. We heard about the snakes up this way too so hoping they don't like the city. Love that picture of Molly.

  3. No other place like it for those awful Winter months. I love it also.

  4. It is getting hotter, but it sure beats any weather they are having back east.

  5. With this warm weather those snakes might be out. Be careful in the boonies.

  6. That photo of the sunset - it looks like the sky is on fire, beautiful! Molly sure likes laying under the rig in the shade, huh? She did the same thing when you two visited me. She's such a good dog. Have fun at the party tomorrow - take lots of photos! :)


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