Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Norwegian Winter Paradise

Today I have decided to post a couple of pictures I have received from my cousin in Norway. It goes to show that even winter can be worth to experience. And in these Winter-Olympic times it seems befitting to mention that my cousin is living not far from the 1994 Olympic city of Lillehammer, Norway. Like me, he doesn’t like big cities so he makes his home in a place called “Saksumdal”, a rural area in the mountains. The yellow house you see is his home and he just purchased this place from an estate. Over the past few weeks, his area has received tons of snow. A neighbour has given him a tractor with a snow blower. The yellow house is 1 mile off the highway and you can imagine what it takes to keep that rather steep road passable. As you can see the views are nothing short of being marvelous. 

Saksaum001 Saksum005Saksum002 Saksum004Saksum003
While i admire his grand view, I am not envious about the connected wintry temperatures. We have been living in a similar place in Norway and I remember those wintry afternoons, when the sun descended behind the snowy mountains and a blue shine appeared over the quiet landscape until darkness took over. We called it the blue hour. It was magic.

Over here in Holtville the area is celebrating the Annual Carrot Festival and pictures of that will appear in tomorrow’s posting. So stay tuned for more…

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  1. There certainly is a quiet beauty to be enjoyed through large windows..... You would find me in front of the fire place contemplating the universe......and Spring.

  2. Norway is so beautiful... but... oh, so cold!

  3. Just incredible beauty but I only want to see it in pictures.

  4. My ancestors came from Norway a long time ago.....

    I speak alittle of the language.

    Thank you for the pictures.

  5. Aren't you glad that snow isn't in Holtsville?


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