Tuesday, February 4, 2014

YEAAAAAH….We Made Tucson Alright!

It was pitch dark and 6:30 am when we left Van Horn,TX heading towards El Paso. There had been a wind advisory for the area, so we thought we might escape it before it really started. Our strategy worked out as planned. The wind had just started as we reached El Paso and after we passed Deming it pretty much stopped blowing.
Sunrise on the Mexican side

Traffic was on the light side and we had a clear sky. An hour later we saw the first signs of dawn in the east. El Paso, the border town was just about waking up and for a while we got into the rush hour melee.
DSC_0259 DSC_0267 
Here we could also see where all those bridge beams we saw yesterday would go. The city is just about to build a “Spaghetti” Intersection and those long concrete beams would just fit in.
DSC_0269 DSC_0270

For our German readers: Es gibt Bayrisches Bier in Texas (There is Bavarian beer available in Texas)

DSC_0281  DSC_0275  Ci  Ciudad Juarez architecture                                    ……El Paso architecture
DSC_0287  DSC_0285
El Paso isn’t really all that big so pretty soon we were leaving the city towards Las Cruces, passing into “The Land of Enchantment”. Las Cruces marks the southern beginning of the I-25 while our good old I-10 is skirting Las Cruces altogether turning west towards Tucson. And that was the way we wanted to go.
Crossing the “Big River” the “Rio Grande” or “Rio Bravo” as it is called in Mexico, we saw that the river bed was drier than ever before. Where is all the water that comes from the Rockies?  Look at the picture to the left. It’s not even a creek crossing the river bed. Only a few miles down from this point the “river” becomes the border line between Mexico and the U.S. I have a book, written by Author Laura Gilpin describing the Rio Grande in word and picture. The book was printed in 1949 and shows a full river bed with plenty of water all the way down to the Gulf. The book’s title is “The Rio Grande – River of Destiny”.

We had the usual long climb up to Deming, but we marveled over the big blue sky, the wide open vistas with desert stretching as far as we could see. We will never go tired over this grand entry into the former Wild West. And to me it still looks pretty wild. Maybe that is just what makes us longing to return to the Desert South-West, the wilderness peeking our imagination. I still like to watch Western Movies and whenever I do, I think of our trips through the south-west.
DSC_0315  DSC_0329
We reached Lordsburg, then stopped for a coffee break at Texas Canyon. This is an area of Arizona I really enjoy. The views across valleys towards distant blue mountains are nothing but breathtaking.
DSC_0295  DSC_0318
We had planned an overnight stop at Casino De Sol in Tucson, but our GPS-lady had sent us 7 miles too far and I was too cheap to turn around. So we ended up at Wally Camp in Marana just west of Tucson. Great place to park though there isn’t really room for many rigs. We, however were lucky enough to catch a spot and it seems to be a quiet place. We could have made it to Holtville, but chose not to as we want to be able to stop in at Yuma for some more shopping.
DSC_0331 DSC_0322

DSC_0335 Riding up to Texas Canyon
Thanks for riding along!


  1. Yeaaa, you're almost here! A really good spot just opened up along the road on the left, past where I was last year. Also spots at the end of the road. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys! :)

  2. Glad you had smooth sailing on your trip to Tuscon. I hope all goes well for you now. We'll be in touch when we head for Vegas.

    Susan and Bob

  3. I just googled that distance. HOLY SMOKES !! That's 459 Miles in one day. That would be 3 days driving for me !!

  4. Glad you're beginning to see the end of your long journey. The warm weather, blue skies and warm temperatures will be there to greet you.

  5. I know what you mean about the southwest. Whenever we return, I fall in love with it all over again. Glad you're almost "home".

  6. I well know that great feeling of getting back out here to the South-West each year. Wouldn't even think of going anywhere else.....

  7. The southwest just feels like home for us too. Looks like you will be in time for the Carrot Festival. Travel safe and enjoythe wonderful warm weather.

  8. Welcome back to the Southwest! We've got some nice weather headed our way. Grace (in Tucson)

  9. Making great time:) Van Horn is one of those great examples of west Texas towns:(


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