Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Town Eating But Then A Fire Broke Out

I heard the wind gusts outside and the trailer shook of it. Something nasty was going on outside. Got up at a quarter past seven and looked out. Sky was grey and a small rain was coming down. Wind was indeed very strong and it looked cold. Could it be true that we really carried the cold over from Florida? I began to feel bad. Would it be cold in California when we got there?

We hung around our breakfast table for a while, doing some computing. When it was going towards lunch we decided to invite our hosts to join in on it and go visit a local restaurant named P & T’s Cafe. They serve Mexican food and it was great. Those small-town eateries are sure a great way to eat good and extremely reasonable with their prices.
We had basically finished our lunch when we heard sirens going by. Fire trucks and an ambulance were swishing by, then more sirens….
After we had left the restaurant we saw the black smoke rising from the block behind the restaurant. A house stood on fire like I have personally never seen it before. Flames were whipped 50ft. high by the strong wind and we could feel the heat where we stood far off.  The word was that nobody had been home, but there was no way the firemen could have saved that house. All they could do was prevent the fire from spreading through the neighbourhood. What a tragic loss for the owners. Did they use a heating fan on this cold day? We’ll never know.

DSC_0198 It’s all Peanuts in Texas!

Most people are watching Super Bowl tonight. We will not as we hold no interest in neither football or soccer. And we won’t be watching the Olympics either. It’s just not our cup of tea.

Tomorrow we will be taking off on the I-10 and hopefully, if no more flat tires, make it into the neighbourhood of El Paso.

See you underway!


  1. Not our cup of tea either so no sports stuff over here at the Bayfield Bunch.

  2. It's nice in Arizona. In fact, Katie and I arrived at Hot Springs LTVA today and are parked a little down the road from your last campsite, which is now standing empty. I think it's waiting for you. Only a few rigs up at that end right now. It was nice today, but overcast and cool tonight.

    I'm not watching the game either, but I check in once in a while, and it looks like it won't be a close game, unfortunately. The Seahawks are way ahead right now.

  3. That fire looks really scary. Glad nobody was home. It's not quite as nice weather wise as it was in January but it's so much better than where you are. So you will get to celebrate warm weather.

  4. That was quite a fire you saw today. Wow! Good no one was home.

    It's not all peanuts in Texas. Seguin has a giant pecan in front of their city hall: see

  5. I sure hope no one was in that house. It looks like a terrible fire. We did watch the super bowl and hope to watch some of the Olympics. We're also glad the Seahawks WON!!

  6. I think fire is the one thing that truly scares the bejeepers out of me. I'd bet there was some sort of heater of open flame that was the culprit. We are always so very careful if we have any notion of lighting a candle or two around here, which is probably why we still have so many of them hanging around.

  7. Travels safe along that long road and enjoy the warming up weather.
    Fires can be so devastating.
    No sports watching for us either.


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