Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Wonderful Place in Borrego Springs And A Meeting With Bloggers

Yesterday we slipped over to Borrego Springs. Besides of having a nice drive, the highlight of the day was the meeting with Betty and Joe who came over from Desert Hot Springs. Betty is writing a blog and it was the blogging and meeting with George and Suzie which made Betty seek contact with us.

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The-Red-Ocotillo-in-Borrego-Springs-CA DSC_0279

It is just another example of how RVers in blogland connect with each other. But let me tell you where exactly the meeting took place.
Bea had been researching the question of where we could have lunch in Borrego Springs and take Molly with us out on the patio. Apparently there is only one such place and that is the RED OCOTILLO.  But it also has another name: "The Palms at Indian Head" It's a place like no other and you would not expect to find it where it is. Instead of being located along the main drag of town we found the place along 
Hoberg Rd. which I think is the last turn off to the north before going into the State Park. It sits at the end of this residential road  embedded in beautiful palm trees. It is also a place of great history as it was a popular place to visit for movie stars of the 
fifties. It is the former site of Old Hoberg Resort, the first major lodging facility in Borrego Springs. Built in 1947, the 20acre resort was a favorite gateway for the Hollywood stars in the fifties.


Past guests include Charles Laughton, Leo Carrillo, Andy Devine, Frank Morgan, Clark Gable, Lon Chaney Jr. Roy Rodgers, Bing Crosby, James Arness, and Marilyn Monroe. The property featured a landing strip, an oversized Olympic pool, cocktail lounge, restaurant, bungalow retreats, horseback riding, shuffleboard and tennis.

However, the original lodge burned down to the ground in 1958 as a result of a hot water heater explosion on the second floor. Residents of the valley at the time remarked  at how the fire lit up the valley that fateful night. The present lodge was built that same year and opened as the Borrego Palms Resort, the new building was designed in the international modern style of that period.

The resort changed ownership many times during that period and with each new owner came a new twist: a nudist retreat, school for handicapped children, and even a detention facility for bad boys. 
Since its last use the property remained empty for fifteen years.  During those years, the property fell into serious disrepair. The owner at that time was told to either bring the units up to code or tear them down. He chose the latter and left only photo opportunities for today's guests.
The property was named “The Palms At Indian Head” because of the beautiful California and Mexican Fan palms and producing date palms on the property. The property is located at the base of Indian Head Mountain directly behind. The mountain was originally named by the Cahuilla Indians and the name translated to Rain in the face, from a distance the mountain looks like an Indian with headdress on looking  straight up in the sky.

While sitting in the shade we chatted away and got to know about Betty 
and her husband of 10 years, who make their home in Portland, OR. 
Betty had many questions about us and how we found out about 
Holtville,CA. Of course, when we look back on the years since 2005 we 
have had our wonderful share of adventures and experiences in many 
places of North America.
Let me just add that not only the beauty of this place is intriguing 
but they also serve excellent food at very reasonable prices. It's a 
million times better than any street cafe or fast food joint. If you 
get into the area you should check it out.
The place has many reviews on Trip Advisor. They speak of a somewhat 
slow service, and yea, if you ate in a hurry then don't go there. 
Mc.Donalds and Wendy might be better for you. But if you want to take 
your sweet time to enjoy it all, you may find yourself in the right 
place. We prefer to wait and get served fresh food versus pre-
manufactured and fast.
Here's the address and don't let the wrong address on Palm Canyon 
Drive given on the internet fool you:
Red Ocotillo, The Palms At Indian Head
2020 Hoberg Rd
Borrego Springs,CA
We parted with Betty and Joe after 2 1/2hrs and will stay in contact with them.

Of course, a visit in Borrego Springs would not be complete without also visiting the beautifully crafted animal statues all around town.   DSC_0257 DSC_0260 


Beautiful Desert Anza Borrego landscape

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Someday we are going to get over to Borrego Springs. And this place is on our list.

  2. Beautifully written Peter and Bea! Again, it was a delight to meet up with you and Molly. We agree with you our lunch was wonderful and well worth the wait giving us time to get acquainted.I'm a little slow getting my blog up but it will happen soon.

    1. Sorry our photo is a bit blurry. I accidently put the switch on "manual" and didn't realized before way later. :((
      But it doesn't mar the good memories. :))

  3. We've never been there either. We keep talking about it but talk doesn't get us there. It is on our list though ... someday and sometime. Glad you had a great time with Betty and Joe.

  4. So great that you got to meet Betty and Joe and Borrego springs too.
    We hope to stop there for a day or two near the end of this week, and enjoy the area a bit too.
    Thanks for the restaurant tip.


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