Sunday, September 29, 2013

What A Shame!

When I look across the border I am saddened by the hap – and hopeless situation in the United States. It’s a situation which throws a dark shadow also  towards Canada, as we are the biggest partner in commerce. We are political and defense allies as well and as such the situation between the Senate and the House is all but encouraging.
It goes to show the limitations of democracy when partisan considerations seem to weigh in higher than the wellbeing of the country.
The ACA was legally voted in to take effect in 2014. Some people have problems accepting that decisions based in the rules of a functioning democracy are legally binding. They take to blackmail in order to force their political adversaries into submission, even though it means that their citizens are going to suffer. It also goes to show a huge disrespect against the sitting government.

It’s not only in Canada that people are shaking their heads about such foolishness. European press has long since spread the bad news all over it, and it has produced a lot of head shakes over there.
When Tuesday rolls around with no deal in sight stocks will fall all over the world. United States credit rating will take a hit, and  millions of people will not receive their government cheque. Companies working for the government will not get paid and their workers will be laid off. Road construction on federal highways will stop. And TSA security on International airports will shut down. I gather customs officers will still go to work?
Yet the same folks who plan and force the government shut-down have voted to uphold payment for the military. Are they worried on behalf of the soldiers or is it that weapon dealers had a word in it? 
These were also the same guys who would have preferred to start a new war in Syria. No problem with financing THAT!

There doesn’t seem to be any worries about International repercussions on a government shut-down either. I just thought of all the terrorist organizations based around the world. They are probably planning a big party on Tuesday. And how embarrassing is it really for the old super power America having to admit that it has reached a political impasse and is basically broke?

What I am really missing here is COMMON SENSE. Common sense went missing a long time ago. Hopefully it can be restored at the next American election.

Have a great week!


  1. totally agree Peter...its unreal isn't thankful to be Canadian...well said!!!!


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