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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Went Shopping And Fixed Our Entrance

After an extremely beautiful morning we decided to take a drive to Calais,ME to go look for a fitting floor cover in our little west entrance. Now “West Entrance” sounds like we have entrances in every direction, but we have only two, namely one in the back and one in the front, like most houses have. The one in the front is kinda new, meaning we did build a little hallway to buffet the wind from the west. Thing was this hall had been standing unfinished for 2 years and somehow we got weary of it. That’s when I kick into action. Sometimes I even need a kick start in the behind administered by Bea. After enough pestering I had dry-walled and sanded and painted the walls. I had even build the trim around the window and the doors. But there was the still unsightly floor. It was raw untreated plywood, now even adorned with white spots from the mudding and vanilla cream colored spots of the wall paint.
Just leaving Campobello….
We figured either a vinyl flooring or a laminated floor cover would be nice. In Calais is a store just close to the border where one can find all kind of deals. It’s called Mardens and they change their inventory ever so often. They buy up leftover parties of just about everything. Once you’ve bought it you own it and have to cart it off. No returns Sir!

Like with so many other stores, the trouble with Mardens is that one can get easily and heavily distracted. The deals just seem too good to pass up and then of course I had Bea with me. Generally speaking I HATE shopping. To me it’s a total waste of time.

So first, our path along the aisles led through the shoe department. I know, I know. I needed new shoes real bad. So let’s go and look for shoes. It didn’t take us long to find a pair of a fitting size, original price tag showing about a 100 bucks but slashed to a mere $35. Brown shoes in a fitting size and all in real leather – what a deal.
DSC_0165 DSC_0164
I was heading farther along towards the east end of the store where I knew the flooring department was. Tons and tons of laminates and a lot less of vinyl flooring. The choice of quality, and colour paired with a price was threatening to cause me a headache.  Then Bea arrived. She had been browsing somewhere else where I had no business at all. We ran around the stacks of laminate like two puppies around the food bowl.

Finally, we settled on a light oak which would match up with what we already had in our inner hallway. I calculated 3 packages would be needed so that’s what we had on the cart when we were heading towards the till. A few other items were added underway.

We got out of the store with a receipt for having spent $132.00, which wasn’t really too bad considering the pair of shoes in the deal.
Before we rolled up our driveway Canada Customs had asked for $15.00 in sales tax on our purchases and they were nice enough not to count the shoes.

We plumped right down on our chairs and enjoyed coffee and the rest of yesterday’s cookies before I sprang to action with the laminate flooring. Just couldn’t stand the thought of having to wait until tomorrow.

Now, like I said the entrance is facing west which translates into a bright and hot afternoon sun hitting the place. Our entry hall sure felt like a cook stove when I first got in there. With both windows and the doors open I started to get things done. Carried my miter saw around, brought out measure tape and pencil and just before supper I had only one more laminate panel to put down. Typically it was the very last panel which made it necessary to open the third package.

Looking at it I get the feeling that something was accomplished today. Bea bestowed a bright smile on her handyman and THAT is all the pay I ask for.

Thanks for stopping by again.


  1. Looks nice. I'm sure you're happy to have it done.
    I must have two or three of those "third packages" that had to be opened just to get one more piece laid. So annoying.

  2. Looking good another job well done.


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