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Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Oddity….

We all know that people live in trailers. And a lot of people are actually living in their boats.
But what about airplanes??? 
Have you seen somebody living in an airplane?

Actually some do.

And they can even serve as a hotel. Like the Boing 727 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica does. It’s a former Avianca Columbia Jet which has found a new place and purpose. And doesn’t it look like it’s just about to start?
Of course, instead of carrying a space shuttle it carries a wooden house or deck. Now wouldn’t you like to spend some time there?

727home5 727home6  727home2 727home3 727home4 Kind of a nice view…..


  1. Interesting. It's the climbing the stairs to get there that would do me in.

  2. Some people choose very unique places.

  3. That's a very cool looking place. The stairs up and down would be good exercise and the interior and patio/porches are very comfortable looking - I'd love to live there. :)


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