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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Time Of Change

It is quite obvious that we are in a whirlwind of change. The usual warm summer days are gone, mornings are generally somewhat cooler and we are having days where the air is void of any haze. But then the presence of a nearing fall season gives room again to other days. Days like today, with a humidity of over 90% and an early morning temperature of 65F. And yesterday a huge low pressure moved across New Brunswick getting us the first real fall storm with a lot of rain. Of course, the rain was needed, as we haven’t had any for the better part of August. And the forest fire warning signs showed the pointer on red. Forest fires are the nightmare of this island. We wouldn’t stand any chance to fight a fire without massive help from outside, and by the time help had arrived it would be too late.

Kids are going back to school today, a neighbour’s daughter is off to the big city to attend college for the first time. People are moving on with their lives.

But there is something which will never change. It’s the fact that oil companies will raise their prices when ever there is a slight excuse for it. This time it will be the looming war in Syria. We have already seen a jump at the pump and believe me it’s just the beginning. Before snowbirds will be heading south this year gas will reach over $4.00/gal. in most states.

In spite the fact that the general unrest in the Middle East has lasted for thousands of years and will never change, the U.S. is readying for an attack on Syria. Obviously the reasoning is to stop the use of chemical weapons on civilians, yet, it doesn’t seem to bother that air strikes will kill thousands and incite another wave of terrorism on North America. When the Arabs are calling for international intervention now they will condemn the West after the first bombs have fallen screaming Death to America!

What never stops to amaze me is the fact that even though the money is tight on every home budget, there will always be funding for another war. I guess one needs to be a politician to understand that,

Sorry, wasn’t really my intention to sour your day. But when news like that is piling up I need to vent it out.

Back to the home front.
While the first fall storm was howling outside I have been spending (wasting) an entire day on my antique Toshiba laptop. It is the CD-ROM device which is giving me a headache. Whenever I insert a CD or DVD it doesn’t show on the menu. After countless attempts to remove and then reinstall the driver it finally showed, but when I tried to install a software from CD it failed miserably. After I remove a CD from the device the driver fails again and we start it all over again. Have I reached the end of this laptop’s lifespan? I seriously fear for that.

So I fooled around with the laptop for another few hours this morning, before it was actually time for lunch. Bea had the idea of taking a trip to Calais, border town to St.Stephen,NB, to do some shopping. I then decided to tag along and soon we drove through coastal Maine to see what the local Wally Mart had to offer. Got myself a few ink cartridges for our Canon PIxma printer. They are always running low on ink when you have some real important stuff to print out. The two cartridges I bought were more money then what I had paid for the printer. Talk about taking advantage of people’s needs.
Also dropped in on a hardware store to get a few plumbing parts for a neighbour who was replacing his toilet and needed a new water line.

We got home again around 4pm and after a coffee and an ice cream I headed over to said neigbour to help with the plumbing project. Now, like I said before I am the nightmare of any plumbing project but after we got ourselves organized we had the toilet installed and the water was running without causing a leak. I was mighty impressed with myself. Connecting a water line without a leak – it had never happened before.

You have thanks for dropping by again.


  1. I thought for sure you would be coming home with a new computer from Wally World.

    1. Oh well, i sure looked at a few of them - but didn't buy. Maybe later, but I'm terrified of having to work with Windows 8, when I just now start understanding Windows XP. These things make me feel I'm 80 years old and senile.

  2. You are right Peter... they always find money for war and add to the national debt.

  3. Rain fell here this morning but it changed before long into a beautiful day ..... it's not the money with Syria I'm most concerned with (but I am concerned with that too). It's my grandson sitting duck right off the coast of Syria.

  4. I think Windows 8 would be fun to learn, and interesting challenge for you to attack I think.


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