Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Beautiful Day And We Take A Little Trip

Even though the morning was a bit chilly it was only because we had a clear sky. I love those days when one can see so far across the water. It is invigorating to just step outside and breathe the fresh air.
DSC_0263  DSC_0256
Bea was working today at the Motel so I was just puttering around the house until she returned. Took Molly for a walk along the beach, made a potato salad and enjoyed the day on the porch.
DSC_0260 DSC_0259 DSC_0265
After Bea returned we took the convertible and had us a tour across the border. The small town of Lubec had a little vendors arrangement along water street and we needed to check it out. Sadly, and in spite of the nice weather there were very few people around.
Anyway, we went on to Martha’s to get our delicious bread ration for the next week, and from there we went to the West Quoddy State Park. The West Quoddy Light House is located just opposite of Campobello’s southern most point (Liberty Point) It sits on a rather high rocky cliff overlooking the Gulf Of Maine. It’s markings are 8 red and 7 white painted rings. As opposed to our own East Quoddy Light House it is built of bricks. We were amazed to see that there was a lively traffic of visitors around the premises. But then there could hardly be a better day for getting out here.
DSC_0266 DSC_0271
Always good to come home after such an outing. We had picked up those yummy Italian sausages on our way home and of course they landed on the Weber BBQ.
DSC_0288 DSC_0285
West Quoddy Light House is the Easternmost Point of the U.S.

It was still warm enough to take our supper on the porch. Eating outside has always been a lot of fun for us. We know that many people won’t do that, but for us there is no real summer day without having our meals outside.
Thanks for dropping by again!


  1. Nice pictures. Is that lighthouse leaning to one side or is that just the picture?

  2. That's what we love about Lubec,there are no crowds!

    1. Rick, there can be crowds in Lubec as well - in the middle of the summer, but of course nothing like in Bar Harbour!

  3. Gotta love this beautiful almost summer weather we are having.

  4. Great shots,love the color of the houses.


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