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Saturday, September 14, 2013


It was Al’s posting about how he and Kelly have been dreaming about living a life of travels and independency which made me think of my very own dreams. Dreams I have had since I was a young boy.  Dreams have always been written in capital letters for me. First, there was the dream of traveling, which was heavily fueled by my parent’s yearly travels. Second I developed this dream of living in Canada. Both dreams found fulfillment in due time.
If we want to follow our dreams we have to establish them as goals in our lives.
As these goals take a hold they will influence our decisions. And we won’t always know it at the time – but small decisions along the way are often paving the way to achievement of the final goal.
I think it is also the reason why so many people are unhappy in their jobs. They have gotten into the wrong line of work – instead of pursuing their dreams for a type of work they are passionate about. You can go ask the people who have gotten rich -  they will tell you about their passion for what they are doing.

I know a young man who never got into anything. He had a reputation of being a “Dreamer”. People thought of him as being lazy. This year he started a business. He is working 14hrs a day and his business is thriving. You talk to him and his passion is coming right across. 20 years from now he is probably on his sailboat (another dream of him) in the Caribbean.

Of course, when I was a boy, I was not aware of all this. I didn’t even notice that my decisions were leading into the fulfillment of my dreams. It just so happened.
Do i still have dreams to reach? You bet! Difference is today I know about it and I am consciously aware of them and the decisions how to reach them.
Besides, I think that as we maintain our dreams and keep a few of them we stay young in our minds. A person who has given up dreams has lost the spark of life. And I know that we are all prone to that – from a certain age.

Have a dreamy weekend!


  1. Dream and goals in life are a must.
    I had many dreams of things I wanted to do in my life and different jobs that I wanted. So far have made most of them come true, still a few more yet to go.
    Never give up dreaming!

  2. Our Dreams -- great topic. I just might elaborate on that one down the road.

  3. Our Dreams are the light to our souls....its so much fun getting to realize some of our bucket list...


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