Friday, September 6, 2013

About Pirates And A Sharp Drop Of Temperature This Morning

The weather men had announced a sharp cooling for last night and when I checked the temperature at 6.00am (Molly had to get out) the thermometer showed just 5C. Around here that is pretty cold for the 1.week of September.
But at least the sky was clear and when the sun came over the top the temps climbed quickly to 10C. It is the northern winds which can cause such sharp drops in temperature.

While we are looking towards the end of the summer season the city across from us, Eastport, ME is having a last big fest in town. It’s the
Pirate Days over there and they expect more than 10.000 visitors. image There’s gotta be something about those old Pirate stories that people are embracing. Yeah, pirates were brutal criminals and it is kind of funny trying to understand how so many people are enthralled with pirates. Last weekend it was Lubec where the pirates invaded town and I know from my home town Eckernfoerde, Germany that they are having their own pirates days every year

imageIn  school we heard about the most infamous German pirate “Klaus Stoertebeker” who was the leader of a large group of renegades running their piracy mostly in the Baltic Sea. After years they were finally caught by a fleet of ship under the command of Simon of Utrecht, near the island of Helgoland and brought to the city of Hamburg, where Stoertebeker along with 73 followers was decapitated.  His sorry head was put on a stake in town so everybody could see he was actually dead. Stoertebeker was born in 1320 and died in Hamburg on October 20 1401.
The city of Hamburg has a statue of the man.

Klaus Stoertebeker



  1. A couple of folks that were in Q are going to the pirate party in Eastport. We don't have pirates here in Montana. Guess we don't have enough water.

  2. Spent 2yrs. in Lubeck,Germany 1964,65.Lovely place,learned how to speak German while stationed there.


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