Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Tale Of A Fisherman

Listening to an old fisherman today I was told the following story.

This fisherman was approached by a small group of tourists arriving in a big Cadillac looking for a chance to get a fishing trip on his boat. When they asked the fisherman how much he would charge for the tour he answered $160.00. They accepted and brought out a big cooler containing wine and beer, a load of chairs and lots of other stuff they thought they would use. They placed everything on the dock and asked the fisherman to load everything on the boat, which he did.
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Hours later they were back in the harbour. They told him that he should place their equipment back on the dock.
When it was time to pay they gave him 100 Dollars. He told them that they still owed him 60 Dollars, but they refused and said that 100 Dollars was all he would get and that the trip wasn’t worth more.
The fisherman got angry, grabbed the cooler and tossed it into the water. Then he took the chairs and threw them over board as well. Now the customers got wild and threatened with calling the police. “Fine”, the fisherman said, “I’d be right here waiting for them”.

Shortly after the Cadillac was gone an old rusty Volkswagen Bus rolled up to the wharf. Out came 2 people asking our fisherman whether he would take them out on a fishing trip. Looking at the old Volkswagen he invited them on board. When they asked him how much the trip would cost he said it would be a free trip. “Are you sure?” they asked again. “I’m positively sure” the fisherman replied.
3hrs. later they were back in the harbour. The 2 travelers asked again how much they should pay, but the fisherman wouldn’t take any money now either. They thanked him a lot and drove off.

When the fisherman got home he found an envelope containing 200 Dollars at the door. It had been put there by the people in the Volkswagen. They had found out where the fisherman was living.
Later that evening there was a knock on the door. It was the police. The constable said that he had been called by some people who had been on the fisherman’s boat that day and complained that the fisherman had destroyed their property.
“Sit down in this chair, have a piece of pie and I’ll tell you the whole story”, said the fisherman.
And he told the constable everything that had happened during the day. When he had ended the police officer was shaking his head and when he left he was laughing.

This goes to show that it is not always the rich who can be trusted.



  1. I personally have found the rich to be the cheapest penny-pinchers around. Most of them made their money from the sweat off another person's brow. The person that has the least is always willing to share what they have.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a wonderful story and so true.
    The rich are too cheap to share what they have and people like us understand what it takes to try and make a living.


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