Monday, July 8, 2013

When The Day Starts At 20C (68F)

It was only 7am when I looked at the outside thermometer. What I saw is extremely rare on Campobello. It showed 20C (68F), but it felt like it was way higher. Over the last 4 days temps have been climbing higher and higher and created an almost tropical environment. I was reminded of Florida when I had picked up our van in May. All this heat did go along with very calm wind conditions. So yesterday was our hottest day so far and even at 10pm the temperature was still 22C (almost 72F) What was it in the afternoon? It was 28C (82F) and sure felt like 36C (97F)

When I met one of our customs officers at the gas station he told me he wouldn’t swear over the heat for at least 3 days. So I figured he enjoyed it.

But it sure caused me to skip a few days of blog writing.

Of course, all this warm weather has made the lawn grow, and yesterday I took the push mower and started on the piece behind the house. It was late in the afternoon and I thought that if I walked slowly I would manage, but when I was all done 30 minutes later I was soaked to the bones. Had to refresh myself in the shower right after.

As of this morning some of the heat has gone, pretty dark clouds have moved in and it just started to rain. Even the wind has picked up a bit. Looks to me that we might be in for a couple of thunderstorms soon.

As long as it doesn’t scare away the guests I’d be happy about it. But it sure cMuholland--miaused me to skip a few days of blog writing.
Molly had also a hard time as her fur is still thick; so I took her to the beach to cool her off. As soon as she saw the water she was wading up to her little belly.
A slight cool breeze came off the water and we sat down in the shade of a cliff for a while. Molly was sifting through all kind of “seafood” and I actually saw her munching on dried seaweeds. Strange dog!

I hadn’t taken the camera along, wish I had though as it sure makes for a nicer blog posting.

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. We have been enjoy that much warmer weather for a few days here to. Hope it holds for you guys and that you have lots of guests.

  2. We're in for hot weather at the end of the week but I don't think we have as much humidity as you guys do since we're not near very much water. Molly's not strange - just unique.

  3. I would like to see it get down to 72 just once this month:)

  4. It's been hot out here on the west coast for about a week now, too. I like it!


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