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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Three Ladies From Texas

I was pretty much all set to spend the day indoors today. The rain was coming in sheets filling buckets in a record speed. But then the telephone rang. It was from the local Motel. They had three ladies who wanted to get on a sightseeing tour today. 

I looked out the window and all I could see was the street and the nearest house. But of course we won’t let 3 ladies being stranded in a motel room on a rainy day, so we agreed upon a time where I would meet them in front of the visitor centre at 12 noon. They had booked the “Tea With Eleanor” in the Hubbard Cottage at 11a and probably would be done by noon.

As I pulled up at the visitor centre a couple minutes short of 12 the rain had just intensified sending down gallons of fresh water. My van was standing in a little lake. People hustled in and out of the building, they all got wet feet.

I had the engine running to keep the mist off the windshield. Time was crawling by but nobody showed.
Finally I stepped out getting my feet right into that lake. I was going to ask at the reception counter whether they were done with the tea at the Hubbard Cottage. Apparently they were not, so I decided to take the van around to the Hubbard Cottage to possibly pick them ladies right off the door. If they would walk that distance they would look just like coming from a swim in the ocean.

Sure enough, just a minute after me arriving at the house they stepped out from the doorway ready to clamber aboard.

I took them on our usual route, but leaving out Friars Head Viewpoint. There was simply no point to get them up there as they would just be standing looking at the dense rain.

When we finally had made it to Raccoon Beach I told the story of the round rocks – and showed them a few I keep at hand. Their eyes caught fire and before I knew it, the first one was out the door heading towards that stairway down to the beach. And the next one followed right after. The oldest lady, however preferred to stay dry – what a wise person!
For me there was nothing else to do but to follow after them.  After all one of them could slip and fall on the wet steps.
Before I ever reached the top of the stairs the first one was out between the rocks heading right for the waters edge. We had a hefty swell today and waves were crashing onto the beach. When I finally was on the beach, my pants were soaked to my skin. Quickly i found a few round rocks and brought them over to the two explorers. I could tell that they had all intentions to spend the rest of our tour looking for rocks, but finally I hustled them back up the stairs. They deposited their treasures in their hand bags and off we went to see what else we could do to keep the girls happy.

Later we all had lunch at the Golf Course, me, I took only a piece of pie with ice cream and a coffee. It was still pouring down when we were done an hour later, but the show had to go on.

After more than 3 hours I dropped them off at their car in the park. They carried their beach treasures to their rental car and I just hope they’ll find room for it in their flight baggage.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good day. Wet but good and productive.
    I guess if they are on a time schedule, got see what you can no matter the weather.


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