Monday, July 22, 2013

Still Coping With A Strange Language And We Get Visitors

Emails have been flying back and forth and most recently I even got a small package from Finland or “Suomi” as they call themselves. Indeed the national abbreviation is SF, meaning Suomi-Finland. Google is trying it’s best to translate these long words, but like today, I had some difficulties getting the hang of it. But I manage – somehow.

In a few days we will be getting visitors through “Boondockers Welcome”. If you got a spot on your lawn to let someone stay for a coupla nights, we can just recommend this. It’s a great way to get to know people.

Our weather has been mostly nice. Yesterday, a huge thunderstorm was moving along the mainland – but never touching Campobello. It started rumbling in the afternoon, the sky turned pretty dark and in the distance, towards Eastport, we could see sheets of rain coming down.
Boats were rushing towards the harbour.
Unfortunately the New Brunswick town of OROMOCTO was hit by a tornado.
image  image


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  1. I never knew of the Boondockers Welcome website -- thanks. What a fun idea that I find after we have sold off our home. Bummer. We could have been having really interesting visitors for a long time now. Oh well.....

    Sorry to hear bout the tornado. We hear so much about Tornado Alley here in the states and sometimes forget that others get them too. Prayer ascending for those caught in the trouble.

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  2. Like that site Boondockers welcome, have checked it out a few times before.
    Hope no one was hurt with that tornado.

  3. I think Boondockers Welcome is such a great idea. Of course, we have no place for them to park now. Have fun with your visitors. Sure hope nobody was hurt in that tornado. I fear tornado's worse than anything else that Mother Nature has in store for us. Well earthquakes might be up there too.

  4. Tornadoes are my worst weather fear. I lived in Oklahoma for four years and have seen up close what they can do:(

  5. What an amazing shot of that bolt of lightening !! I've used Boondockers Welcome now several times. Great website !

  6. Great shot of that lightning bolt - that was a big one.

  7. I'm so sorry about the storm and damage. Did you take that lightening photo? It's fabulous. I try and try, last year I got some, but not yet this year. It feels so GOOD to capture all that energy in a photo, doesn't it? :)


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