Friday, July 5, 2013

And Then We Got The Fireworks

Our house has a good location to observe the fireworks on the American Side  at Eastport, ME.
All we have to do is really only sit on our elevated deck out from one of the bedrooms and take it all in. Even though it was beautiful to watch we think that there goes a lot of money up which probably could have been put to better use. But we also understand that a National Day is a good reason to do just that.

We had rigged ourselves up with our NIKON on a tripod and sometimes I just held my trigger finger down for several seconds, thus producing 10-15 pictures in rapid fire fashion.
1-DSC_0379  1-DSC_0366
1-DSC_0511  1-DSC_0551
1-DSC_0555  1-DSC_0539
1-DSC_0583  1-DSC_0578


  1. Personally, I'm glad the noise is over with. Went on til 1:30 this morning in our neighborhood and Skittlez was not happy. But you got some great pictures.

  2. Its all over now for a while. Nice pictures of the event, thanks for sharing.

  3. Last year when we spent Christmas and New Years in Vienna, I had that same thought when the fireworks were going off all around us. A lot of folks spending a lot of money. But it was an awesome show.
    We had neighbors on either side of us who must have shot off a couple hundred Euros worth of bottle rockets each.
    Somebody's gotta do it. I don't mind watching.

  4. Nice fire works shots, they can be hard to get:)


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