Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Short Power Outage, A Muskrat And A Spike Of Gas Prices

Was it yesterday or the day before…? I don’t seem to remember, all I know is that I had just gotten my coffee and plumped into my chair, when the lights on my laptop went out. “Oh well”, I thought. probably the plug slipped out of the receptacle when I moved my chair. 

Not so!

I checked and rechecked and there was no power. Went back to the kitchen – but no power there either. There just wasn’t any thunderstorm around, nor any wind at all. In fact it was about to become a beautiful summer day. But the power was gone. No computing – no blog reading.

Consequently I rigged up the HONDA 2000, fed a cord into the house and both the telephone and the internet started up again. We also rigged up our cook stove and got our breakfast cooked.
I called the power company and the automated message said that they were aware of a power outage in our area. 20 minutes later I saw my neighbour leaving. I runs the grocery store – the village mart and sure was worried about his freezers.
However, the store still had power. And a couple of hours later we saw the truck of the power company roll up our street. They restored power within 3hours flat.

I was still standing out on the porch, when I saw a cat moving stealthily across the lawn.

A cat?

It moved somewhat strange. Humpback-style.  Huh….??? That was no cat alright. Seemed like…… a beaver?  What the heck - where was that animal coming from. But the tail seemed strangely thin….. It took me until today to figure out that what i had seen was a muskrat. While that animal crossed our lawn, Molly was on the porch and apparently had not neither seen it nor gotten the scent of it. I was anxiously watching her, but remained where she was. Good dog!

Tradition true we woke up to news that the gas prices had done a huge jump in New Brunswick. Max. price was now $1.36/liter!  That amounts to $5.14/gallon.
I drove over to Lubec to fill up the tank on the van and there the price was $3.69/gal. It had gone up 10 cents on the gallon, but the price difference between New Brunswick and Maine was now about 30cents on a liter. Our nearest Canadian gas station is about 60 miles away, so we don’t bother much with Canadian gas prices. It’s just so typical that BIG OIL does that to everyone during the heyday of vacation time.

1-DSC_0618 1-DSC_0620
Bea’s vegetable garden

Meanwhile, Bea’s garden is thriving and about to supply us with potatoes, peas, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and different sorts of herbs. She spends a lot of time in between her veggies. I like that.

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  1. Just knew that Molly girl would behave herself like the lady she is. Not like our Scoots. Love the fact that we have a generator just in case we need it.

  2. Gas here in B.C. went up to over $1.50 a litre last weekend !!!

  3. We've been pretty lucky in these parts in terms of power outages, in spite of the demand right about now. *fingers crossed*
    The power would go out regularly when we lived in Puerto Rico. So much so that all the commercial enterprises (grocery stores, Wendy's McDonald's etc.) had back up generators. We too had a big one for the house, which was very common in our neighborhood. Had to run it a couple times a month, and not just for exercise.

  4. WOW!! Bea's garden looks absolutely fabulous. Eat well!


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