Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Wave Over Campobello

Never have we experienced temperatures above 40C (100F) but today it happened, and it is not yet over: Further heat is building up tomorrow. Facebook messages are full of : “I’m down on the floor” or “I refreshed myself under the garden hose” or “HELP…I’m melting”. 
imageI mean this place is generally known to be of the cooler kind – actually the reason why many Floridians find their way up here. Well, these days they won’t find much refreshment, unless they jump into the still cold ocean. I tried the “trick” with the garden hose myself, but found out that the water was too hot on the body – until most of the solar-heated water had gone. Afterwards I sat down on our shady porch in hope to catch a breeze, which there was extremely little of. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the whales hopping out of the water in pure desperation.

Didn’t get around to take any pics – it was just too strenuous to achieve.

image Facing this heat it sounds like a cooling breeze to think of the 1. Annual Campobello Fog Fest coming up on August 2-4. FOG FEST??  Yep, we are gonna have fog fest soon.  If you like music, just come on over. There’ll be lots of good food as well.

And now I will retire for today. After all it’s Monday – time to look forward to next weekend.


  1. CBS news is talking about your brutal heat wave right now. It's only in the 90's here and that is plenty warm for me. You guys keep cool and stay safe.

  2. I think it's time to hook up, head south, & cool off.............

  3. was a scorcher here today too Peter..and another one coming tomorrow...I think we're getting our whole summer this week

  4. Perfect weather to relax in the shade with a good book, a fan and a refreshing beverage.

  5. Yup, It even hit the 40'sC in Newfoundland !!

  6. I tell you, it wasn't much cooler over in Montana either!


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