Friday, July 26, 2013

It’s Pouring Down And A Few Pictures

They had predicted lots of rain and boy did we get it. The inlands of New Brunswick are expected to receive about 90mm (almost 4 inch!) while we might be looking at a little less than the half. It is such a blessing that our house stands high and on slightly sloping ground. Our basement has a drain, so whatever runs in runs out. I can hear the steady hum of pelting rain outside. The sky is dark, our boondockers who have enjoyed themselves tremendously are still sleeping in their camper, and I’m just considering a second mug of coffee.

Yesterday ended with a mini potluck, Sherri had made a delicious chilly and Bea had prepared a spaghetti-squash. Instead of staring at a TV, we look outside and a mighty fine show is going on. SUNSET OVER EASTPORT
We have probably hundreds of sunset pictures, but everyone sunset is unique and triggers a new series of pictures. I will keep it short today and instead let the pictures speak.






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