Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Do You do Down There All The Time?

 If you are an RV’er staying somewhere in the southern United States over the winter I bet you have been asked what you are doing all the time while you are gone long-term camping?

Some of the people asking you that are your friends from back home, but some are also part of your family. To be provocative I have been tempted to say: NOTHING, but usually I don’t want to tick them off so I start telling about what we ARE doing. You know…the social side with meeting friends, being together, sitting around the fire (that always causes raised eyebrows.!) going to the flea markets and touring around. But whether you like it or not they are gonna be jealous or at least envious.  jealous or not jealous, why don’t you let them know about all the wonderful places you are about to visit while being south?
I happened to come across a publication called the Official Yuma Visitors Guide and I must admit that I was awestruck by the multitude of choices. Obviously Yuma is caring a lot about their winter visitors, because it’s a while ago I’ve seen such an extensive program.
Let me just mention a few, but I’ve to warn those who currently are down in Florida or somewhere else like Texas. You might be tempted to break camp and rush to the warmest place in the U.S.A. to experience some of these highlights in our area. (notice: I call it OUR AREA, not that I own it, but I love it)
Here goes:
Historical sites to visit:

- Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Park
- Yuma Territorial Prison Historic Park
- Pivot Point Interpretative Plaza
- Sanguinetti House Museum
- The Cocopah Museum
- Museum of History in Granite
- Castle Dome Mines
- Cloud Historic Car Museum
- Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge
- Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center
- St. Thomas Indian Mission
- Lutes’ Gretna Green Weding Chapel
- Yuma Landing
- McPhaul Bridge
- Historic Downtown Yuma

Cool Places
- Old Town Yuma Wine Cellar
- Lutes Casino (not a casino but a restaurant/bar
- Wild World Zoo and camel farm

Just for Fun Places
- Cocopah Wild River Family Entertainment Center
- Inca Lanes
- Cocopah Speedway
- Farmers markets

The Arts (each having an extensive performance program)
- Ballet
- Yuma Jazz Company
- Yuma Art Center
- Yuma Orchestra Assoc.

Besides of all that, one can go visit working farms and gardens or, if you prefer, go see the Armed Forces Park and the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma which offers “Spirit of Yuma Appreciation days from Jan. 11-13 or the MCAS Air Show & Open House on march 9 2013.

So, in case you are already in the Yuma area you might just pick from this list and let them back home know about a few of these things going on here or where ever you stay.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Yes, I get asked that a lot also. But my mind goes blank and I do actually say 'Nothing' at times. LOL

  2. Sometimes we are doing nothing but at least if we're doing nothing, it's not in the snow or cold weather. We're doing nothing under sunny skies and in short sleeves.

  3. What's the line from that song, "I love to work at nothing all day"? The rest of the lyrics are here

  4. Doing nothing is good, especially in the warmer southern climate, outside under sunny skies, great scenery. Chat with a few people and enjoy some good books. Plus we still have some options too.

  5. For some reason, even though we are doing "nothing" down here in the beautiful sunshine, we don't seem to have a whole lot of time left over. I'll need this list when we get down to Yuma after Q. Are you coming up for a few days in Q with us?

  6. And you don't remember the ice on the bucket mornings? You should show picturs of the hot tub area, the little pond in the back with the palm trees.


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