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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Visit To A “German” Restaurant In Yuma

We were early off to Yuma,AZ. Molly was staying with friends in camp so we were feeling pretty free to do whatever crossed our minds.
I had loaded 3 30lb-propane cylinders to get filled in Yuma. The price of propane in Yuma is the lowest in the U.S. Today it was $1.82/gal.

Next stop was at “Hilco RV” where I ordered 2 sets of wheel covers for our trailer. A couple of miles up Avenue B is Wallymart. We stopped by there to get a few supplies. Wallymart is on the corner of 24St and Ave B and after we were doen shopping we went up 24St to Fourth Avenue, about two blocks farther south on Fourth is Steiners German Deli. We had been there before last winter and today we ordered lunch.
1-DSC_0593  1-DSC_0596
From the menu Bea ordered a Bratwurst with sauerkraut and “Old Fashioned Potato Salad”, while I decided for a “Grillwurst” with the same type of salad.1-DSC_0597 
When it arrived a bleak looking sausage was sticking out between the Sauerkraut. It was neither hot nor been anywhere near a grill. Very disappointing, even though the sausage had a good taste. Bea’s Bratwurst was the same way and after tasting both sausages we found no difference between the two of them. Why call one a Grillwurst and the other a Bratwurst???
When asking for explanations we were given a phoney answer saying that one contained more “seasoning” than the other, which we found not to be true. They also told us that they used to heat the sausages early in the morning and leave them on the “grill” until they were sold. They must have forgotten to put on the heat that day.
The potato salad was made of un-peeled potatoes. Whether that was supposed to be the “Old Fashioned” touch or not remained unclear. The sauerkraut had just been hauled out of a can and warmed up slightly. It was no delicacy either.

It was our last visit to that place. Sad to say what’s supposed to be “German” was a rather flat and sloppy performance and far from any German food.
We left Yuma and went on the search for Toni and Doug at Pilot Knob. Following the signs to the “14-day Area” we saw their trailer sitting besides one of very few trees. The truck was there as well, so they were home.1-DSC_0608   1-DSC_0612
Toni and Doug at Pilot Knob
They were rather surprised to see us as none of our various phone messages nor a facebook message had gotten to them. Nevertheless we had a good visit with them and time was flying by as it usually does when chatting with nice people.

The Irrigation Canal, dividing the BLM-area from the agricultural area
Since Molly was back at the camp and her hosts had planned a drive to the dump we hurried back to the Hot Springs to relieve them from dog-sitting.

As always - Molly was delighted to see us again and we thanked out dog-sitters with a bottle of Sparkling Martinelli’s Cider.

Thanks for spending time with us today!


  1. That would certainly be a disappointing dinner to me too. We have a favorite German restaurant in Washington. We love the fondue most of all. Glad you found Toni and Doug.

  2. Too bad about your "German" dinner. We have only found really good ones back home in Kitchener Ontario a very German community with many German clubs and restaurants.
    It is nice that you got to visit your friends at Pilot Knob.


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