Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tis The Time Again…

When mom went into Christmas mode she baked cookies by the dozens. She filled huge tin cans with it and we ate them all. Amazingly none of us ever contracted diabetes.

Of course being on my own after I left the parent’s house I went into ….baking mode as well. And since it is me who has the love for a special sort of lard-based Christmas cookies I have to bake them myself. Not that I wouldn’t trust Bea doing it – but it’s just the way it has been over the past 25 years. Usually I bake them half white (Vanilla) and brown (chocolate). Today I just went for the brown ones. They are the best anyway. I think you are nodding now..aren’t you?
1-DSC_1022      1-DSC_1025
Measuring the ingredients….                    make sure it’s right on the mark. LOL

Here is how it works:
1/2 lb lard
1 lb flour
1/2 lb sugar
1 full tsp baking soda
chocolate shavings or cocoa powder
for white cookies: vanilla

Make sure that the lard is soft and has about room temperature
Mix flour, sugar, baking soda and chocolate with the soft lard.
Work it as a you would with a bread. Let it rest over night. Leave it at room temps in the kitchen. Next morning roll long long “sausages” and cut in appropriate size for cookies. Roll everyone to a little ball and place on baking sheet.
They are baking at 350F for about 15 minutes.
After removing from oven don’t touch them. They are hot and FRAGILE and will most likely fall apart. After cooling you can pack them away…..
or eat them all.
1-DSC_1028  1-DSC_1033

Now go, bake your own!



  1. yum they look delicious..I made (frogs) choc macaroons last week (some little old elf around here ate them all) made shortbreads the other day, and pecan pie today...I might try your cookies...have a wonderful christmas...and all the best in 2013

  2. Is it a cookie? will, whatever it was, it looks delicious. I find travel agents for a vacation trip and bring some foods like this one on the vacation for the unique trip. :)


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